Bhajan is very necessary to melt the heart of God

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5391_472761242811526_1982033645_nBhajan: Bhajan is any type of Hindu devotional song. It is very necessary to melt the heart of God. When you do Nagar Sankirtan early in the morning, everybody will get up and listen to the Divine Name. Hearing the name of God as soon as they wake up will fill them with great bliss and enthusiasm. Constantly remember the name of God; never forget it. This is the noblest path. This is true spiritual practice. When you do this, you will be immensely blessed.

~ Sathya Sai Baba
  Thought for the day as written at Prasanthi Nilayam, 12th November 2010


Bhajan: The term bhajan is applied to the singing of hymns in India, and literally means “adoration.”

Nagar Sankeertan/ Nagar sankirtan: ‘Nagar’ means city or locality and ‘Sankeertan’ means devotional singing
Kirtan (Sanskrit: “to repeat”; also Sankirtan) is call-and-response chanting performed in India’s devotional traditions.


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