Study of Religion

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Study of Religion

You remember in the Old Testament where Moses was told, “Take off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy

ground.” We must always approach the study of religion with that

reverent attitude. He who comes with a pure heart and a reverent

attitude, his heart will be opened; the doors will open for him, and he

will see the truth.


If you come with intellect only, you can have a little intellectual gymnastics, intellectual theories, but not truth.

Truth has such a face that any one who sees that face becomes

convinced. The sun does not require any torch to show it; the sun is

self-effulgent. If truth requires evidence, what will evidence that

evidence? If something is necessary as witness for truth, where is the

witness for that witness? We must approach religion with reverence and

with love, and our heart will stand up and say, this is truth, and this

is untruth.


The field of religion is beyond our senses, beyond even our consciousness. We cannot sense God. Nobody has seen God with

his eyes or ever will see; nobody has God in his consciousness. I am not

conscious of God, nor you, nor anybody.


Where is God? Where is the field of religion? It is beyond the senses, beyond consciousness.

Consciousness is only one of the many planes in which we work; you will

have to transcend the field of consciousness, to go beyond the senses,

approach nearer and nearer to your own centre, and as you do that, you

will approach nearer and nearer to God. What is the proof of God? Direct

perception, Pratyaksha. The proof of this wall is that I perceive it.

God has been perceived that way by thousands before, and will be

perceived by all who want to perceive Him. But this perception is no

sense-perception at all; it is supersensuous, superconscious, and all

this training is needed to take us beyond the senses.


By means of all sorts of past work and bondages we are being dragged downwards;

these preparations will make us pure and light. Bondages will fall off

by themselves, and we shall be buoyed up beyond this plane of

sense-perception to which we are tied down, and then we shall see, and

hear, and feel things which men in the three ordinary states (viz

waking, dream, and sleep) neither feel, nor see, nor hear. Then we shall

speak a strange language, as it were, and the world will not understand

us, because it does not know anything but the senses. True religion is

entirely transcendental.


Every being that is in the universe has the potentiality of transcending the senses; even the little worm will

one day transcend the senses and reach God. No life will be a failure;

there is no such thing as failure in the universe. A hundred times man

will hurt himself, a thousand times he will tumble, but in the end he

will realise that he is God. We know there is no progress in a straight

line. Every soul moves, as it were, in a circle, and will have to

complete it, and no soul can go so low but there will come a time when

it will have to go upwards. No one will be lost.


We are all projected from one common centre, which is God. The highest as well as

the lowest life God ever projected, will come back to the Father of all

lives. “From whom all beings are projected, in whom all live, and unto

whom they all return; that is God.”


Swami Vivekananda, STEPS TO REALIZATION (A class-lecture delivered …

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