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God is truth. He can be realised only by speaking truth and observing truth

in thought, word and deed. Truthfulness, equal vision, self-

control, absence of envious emulation, forgiveness, modesty, endurance,

absence of jealousy, charity, thoughtfulness, disinterested

philanthropy, self-possession and unceasing and compassionate

harmlessness are the thirteen forms of truth. Your thoughts should agree

with your words and your words should agree with your actions. To think

of one thing, say another and do a third is horrible – it is nothing

but crookedness. By telling lies you pollute your conscience and infect

your subconscious mind. The habit of telling lies will be carried on to

your next birth and you will suffer in birth after birth. Have you ever

thought of this?


If you are established in truth, all other virtues will cling to you.

Penetrate more deeply into the kingdom of

truth. Sacrifice your all for the truth. Die for the truth. Speak the

truth. Truth is life and power. Truth is existence. Truth is knowledge.

Truth is bliss. Truth is silence. Truth is peace. Truth is light. Truth

is love. Live to realise the truth.


Truth is the law of life. Truth means the strength of will to abide by positive principles – a

sense of justice, an unbiased mind and recognition of its subtle essence

in all life. Truth is like a ladder leading to heaven, or a boat

enabling one to cross the ocean of misery. Speak the truth, but let it

not be unpleasant and speak not of any pleasing falsehood – this is

eternal religion.


Fire burns everything; it is true to its nature. Water flows from a

higher level; the seed sprouts and becomes a

tree; the scorpion stings; these are all true to their nature. This is

satyam. But man violates truth; he is ungrateful. He is not true to his

essential nature. Wife poisons the husband; sons are not filial towards

their fathers; sons murder their parents; this is not truth. To manifest

one’s essential divine nature, to manifest divine virtues is satyam or

truth. To be true to one’s own self is satyam.


A truthful man is free from worry and anxiety, he has a calm mind. He is respected by

society. If you speak the truth for twelve years you will get vak-siddhi

– then whatever you speak will come to pass. There will be great power

in your speech – you will be able to influence thousands.

Swami Sivananda





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