Universal Subjectivity or Cause & Effect

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Universal Subjectivity or Cause & Effect

The Subjective Mind

Ernest Holmes taught that we have a dual aspect of mentality but that it was not two minds.

We have an objective and a subjective state of consciousness.  The objective mind
is that part of the mentality which functions consciously.  It is the
part of us which is self-knowing and without it we would not be
self-conscious entities.  Our conscious mind is the place where we
consciously live and are aware that we are living.  To him, this is

Our subjective mind is our mental emanation in Universal Subjectivity.

It is our individual use of mental law.  We certainly do not wish
to deviate from that which psychology teaches about the mind of man in
its conscious, subconscious, or subjective states.  We merely wish to
add this:  the reason we have a subjective mind is that Subjectivity
existed in the Universe prior to our use of it; and where we use It, It
forms around us a subjective personification of ourselves, which is a result of the action
and the reaction of our thought

The subjective mind is the seat of memory and contains a remembrance of everything that has
ever happened to the outer man.  It also contains the family and race
characteristics.  It retains these memories, in a certain sense, as
mental pictures.  The subjective mind might be compared to a picture
gallery, upon whose walls are hung the pictures of all the people whom
the individual has ever known, and all the incidents which he has ever


Race-suggestion is a very real thing, and each individual carries around with him (and
has written into his mentality) many impressions which he never
consciously thought of or experienced.  When we realize that the
individual’s subjectivity is his use of the One Subjective Mind, we
shall see that a subjective unity is maintained between all people, and
that individual mentalities who are in sympathetic vibration with each
other, more or less mingle and receive suggestions from each other.
This is the meaning of mental influence, which is indeed a very real

Just as each person, place or thing has a subjective atmosphere or remembrance,

so each town, city or nation has its
individual atmosphere.  Some towns are bustling with life and action
while others seem dead.  Some are filled with a spirit of culture, while
others are filled with a spirit of commerce.  This is the result of the
mentalities of those who live in such places.  Just as a city has its
atmosphere, so does an entire nation.  The combined thought of those who
inhabit a nation creates a national consciousness which we speak of as
the psychology
of that people.

Subjective Mind, being Universal, the history of the race is written in the

mental atmosphere of the globe on which we
live.  That is, everything which has ever happened on this planet has
left its imprint on the walls of time; and could we walk down their
corridors and read the writings, we should be reading the race history.
This should seem simple when we realize that the vibrations of the
human voice can be preserved on the receptive phonograph disc, or the
sound film, and reproduced at will.  If we were to impress on of these
discs, or a strip of the sound film, and lay it away for years (properly
protecting it) it would still reproduce these vibrations.  It is not
difficult, then, to understand how the walls of time may be hung with
the pictures of human events, and how one who sees these pictures may
read race history.  There is a tendency, on the part of all of us, to
reproduce the accumulated subjective experiences of the human race.

Subjective Mind and Inspiration

Since the individual subjective mind is the storehouse of memory, it retains
all that the eye has seen, the ear heard, or the mentality conceived.
Since it contains much that the outer man never consciously knew, and is
the receptacle of much of the race knowledge through unconscious
communication, it must (and does) have a knowledge that far surpasses
the objective faculties.

Realizing that the subjective draws to itself everything that it is in sympathy with,

we see that anyone who is
sympathetically inclined toward the race, or vibrates to the
race-thought, might pick up the entire race-emotion and experience and –
if he were able to bring it to the surface – could consciously depict
it.  Many of the world’s orators, actors and writers have been able to
do this, which explains why some of them have been so erratic, for they
have been more or less controlled by the emotions which they have

Anyone contacting the subjective side of the race-mentality, with the ability to bring it to the surface,

will have at his disposal
an emotional knowledge that many lifetimes of hard study could not

There is, of course, a much deeper seat of knowledge than the subjective mind, which is the
Spirit; direct contact with the Spirit is Illumination.

Mental Atmospheres

Each person has a mental atmosphere which is the result of all that he has thought,
said and done, and consciously or unconsciously perceived.  The mental
atmosphere is very real, and is that subtle influence which constitutes
the power of personal attraction, for personal attraction has but little
to do with looks.  It goes much deeper and is almost entirely
subjective.  This will explain our likes and dislikes for those with
whom we come in daily contact.  We meet some only to turn away without a
word, while others we are at once drawn toward, and without any
apparent reason.  This is the result of their mental atmosphere or
thought vibration.  No matter what the lips may be saying, the inner
thought outspeaks them, and the unspoken word often carries more than
the spoken.

Tuning in on Thought

Thought-transference, or telepathy, is such a commonly known fact

that it is not our purpose to do other than discuss
it briefly.  However, there are some facts which might be overlooked
unless we give them careful attention.  The main fact to emphasize is
that mental telepathy would not be possible,

unless there were a medium through which it
could operate
.  This medium is Universal Mind, and it is through
this medium, or avenue, that all thought-transference, or mental
telepathy, takes place.

Telepathy is the act of reading subjective thought, or of receiving conscious thought from another
without audible words being spoken.  But there must be a mental tuning in, so to
speak, just as there must be in radio.  We are surrounded by all sorts
of vibrations and if we wish to catch any of them distinctly, we must
tune in.  Even then, there is a great deal of interference and we do not
always get the messages clearly.  We often get the wrong one, and
sometimes many of the vibrations come together and seem to be nothing
but a lot of noises, without any particular reason for being.  It is
only when the instrument is properly adjusted to some individual
vibration that a clear message may be received.

This is true of mental telepathy, which is the transmission of thought; the receiver
must tune in.  It
does not follow, however, that the sender knows that this is taking
, any more than a radio speaker knows how many are tuned in
to hear his address.  In other words, one might pick up thoughts just as
he picks up radio messages.  Some have the ability to tune in on thought
and read it more or less accurately.  These people we call psychics, but all
people are really psychic, since all have a soul or subjective mind.
What we really mean is that a psychic, or medium, is one who has the
ability to objectify that which is subjective – to bring to the surface
of conscious thought that which lies below the threshold of the outer
mind.  The medium
reads the book of remembrance and it is marvelous how far-reaching this
book may be.  Whatever may have happened at any time on this plane
remains within its subjective atmosphere as a memory picture of the
experiences of those who have lived here.  These pictures, or
vibrations, may be clearly discerned by those who can read them.

Since the Universal Subjectivity is a Unity it follows that all of these
pictures exist at any and every point within It.  Consequently, we may
contact at the point of our own subjective mind (which is a point in
Universal Subjective Mind) every incident which has ever transpired on
this planet.  We might even see a picture which was enacted two thousand
years ago in some Roman area, for the atmosphere contains such

Each person in his objective state is a distinct and individualized center in

Universal Mind, but in his subjective state
(in his stream of consciousness, or at his rate of vibration) each is
Universal, because of the Indivisibility of Mind.  Wherever and whenever
any individual contacts another upon the side of life, if he is a
psychic (if he objectifies subjectivity) he may see a thought form of
that person, but it
does not necessarily follow that he would really be seeing the person

We need not be astonished when a psychic gives us the complete history of
our family, even to reciting the things that engaged the attention of
our ancestors while they were on earth.  The psychic is merely reading
from the subjective remembrance.

Streams of Consciousness

Each being an individual entity in Mind is known by the name he bears,

and by the vibration which he emanates;
for while we are all in One Mind or Spirit, each has a separate and
individualized personality.

According to the Unity of Mind, thought is everywhere present,

and so long as it persists it will remain
present.  What is known in one place, may be known in all places.
Time, space and obstructions are unknown to Mind and thought.  It
follows, that anyone tuning into our thought, will enter into our stream
of consciousness, no matter where we are and no matter where he may
be.  If we still persist after the body shall have suffered physical
death (and we are convinced that we shall) this law must still hold
good, for past and present are one and the same in Mind.  Time is only
the measure of an experience, and space, of itself, is not apart from,
but is in,

A psychic can enter the stream of thought of anyone whose vibration he can

mentally contact, be that person in the flesh or out of
it; and since we are all psychic – all having a soul element – we are
all doubtless communicating with each other to the degree that we
sympathetically vibrate toward each other.  We do not all have the
ability to objectify
psychic impressions, and ordinarily they never come to the surface.
However, they are there just the same.  This is why we often feel uneasy
in the presence of certain people, or when we mentally contact some
condition and are aware of a disturbed inner feeling, without any
apparent reason.

There are many normal psychics who can, while in a perfectly objective state,

read people’s thoughts and perform many
other wonderful feats of the mind.  This is normal and no harm can come
from it.  It is, indeed, one of Nature’s ways of working and is most
interesting.  Any psychic power which can be used while in a normal
state of mind is harmless and helpful; by this we mean one that can be
used while one is in a conscious state.

The Spirit of Prophecy

We have explained how it is that the psychic vision can look into the past and see what has
transpired – by reason of the fact that it is dealing with a field in
which there is no past, no present and no future, but merely a
continuation of being.  Because this is so, any incident which has
transpired in the past is an active thing in the present, unless the
vibration is neutralized, when it no longer has existence anywhere.

Just as it is true, apparently, that the incidents of the past continually
rehearse themselves in the same manner that a picture hanging on the
wall for the next ten thousand years (if nothing happens to it) will
look just as it does now, so anyone contacting a previous incident,
clairvoyantly, will see it as though it as though it were now
transpiring … not past.  This is the way in which clairvoyant vision
operates.  The continuation of the past, through the present, into the
future, is a movement of causation passing from cause to effect; and
because the movement is first set in motion in a field of Mind which is
purely subjective, both
cause and effect will exist at any point during the sequence of this
.  The clairvoyant vision, then, contacting it at any
point – even before the final outcome – will see the final outcome.

There is nothing fatalistic about this.  A thing can appear to be fatalistic
without necessarily being so.  This we should understand, because the
human mind in its ignorance has created great psychic laws for itself.
Therefore, if one has been told anything in the way of a prophecy which
is negative, it should be directly refuted, because that negation exists
in the realm of subjective causation … not spiritual causation.

To repeat this in a clearer way, perhaps:  Subjective Mind can deduce
only; It has no power of initiative or self-choice, and is compelled by
Its very nature to retain all the suggestions which It receives.  The
best illustration of this is in the creative soil, in which the gardener
plants his seed.  The soil does not argue nor deny, but goes to work on
the seed and begins to create a plant which will represent the type of
manifestation inherent, as idea, in the seed; from a cucumber seed, we
get cucumbers, and from a cabbage seed, we get cabbages.  Always the law
maintains the individuality of the seed as it creates the plant; never
does it contradict the right of the seed to be what it really is.
Involved within the seed is the idea of the plant, as are also those
lesser ideas which are to act as a medium between the seed and the
plant.  Involved within the seed are both cause and effect, but the seed
must first be placed within the creative soil if we wish to see the
plant.  In the creative soil (or in the seed) the full and perfect idea of the plant must
exist as a completed thing, else it could never be brought into
.  The idea of the full-grown plant must exist
somewhere in the seed and soil, if it is ever going to materialize.

This teaches us a lesson in subjectivity.  Thoughts going into the
subjective are like seeds; they act through the creative medium of Mind
and must have, within themselves, the full power to develop and to
express; but how could they express unless they were already known to
Mind?  THEY COULD NOT, so Mind must view the thought as already
completed in the thing; and

Mind must also contain the avenue through which the idea is to
be expressed

Mental tendencies
set in motion cast their shadows before, and a psychic often sees the
complete manifestation of an idea before it has had time to materialize
in the objective world.  This is what constitutes the average spirit of
prophecy, for prophecy is the reading of subjective tendencies and
seeing them as already accomplished facts.  The subjective mind can
deduce only, but its power of logic and sequence appears to be perfect.

For illustration, suppose there is a window one mile distant; I am throwing
a ball at this window and the ball is halfway to it, going at the rate
of one mile a minute.  Now you come into the picture, see the ball,
measure the distance, compute the speed with which the ball is passing
through the air and say: “The ball is halfway to the window, it is
traveling at the rate of one mile a minute and in just one half a minute
the window is going to be broken by the ball passing through it”.  Let
us suppose that you are the only one who sees the ball, for the rest are
looking at the window, and in half a minute it is broken.  How did you
prophesy that the window would be broken?  By drawing a logical conclusion from an
already established premise

A similar thing takes place when a psychic exercises the spirit of prophecy, because he is getting
his own subjective contact with the condition and simply interpreting
what comes to him; but this is the logical, deductive, conclusive power
of his subjective thought – seeing a thing completed, by first seeing a
tendency set in motion and computing the time it will take to complete
it.  There are but few, however, who possess any reliable spirit of

Source – The Science of Mind – A Philosophy, A Faith, A Way of Life,

textbook by and of Ernest Holmes’ philosophy.  Chapter
Twenty-One “Some Phases of the Subjective Life”, pgs 347-356

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Note – Attached is a clip about the Akashic Records,

from the organization which preserves Edgar Cayce‘s work –

the Association for Research and Enlightenment
and it parallels and mirrors Ernest Holmes writing


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