Levels of Devotion

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In Chapter 2 verses 44 to 47 of Srimad Bhagwat Purana the devotees have been classified as advanced, intermediate and beginner as follows:

Maharaja Nimi requested Sage Havir to tell him about the devotees of the Supreme

Lord. He wanted to know the natural symptoms by which he could

distinguish between the most advanced devotees, those on the middle

level and those who were beginners.

Sri Havir described the three types of devotees as follows:

The most advanced devotee sees within everything the soul of all souls, the Supreme Lord, the ONE

LIGHT. Consequently he sees everything in relation to the Supreme Lord

and understands that everything that exists is eternally situated within

the Lord.

An intermediate devotee is called madhyama-adhikari. He can’t yet see the same light shining in every creation. He offers his

love to the Supreme Lord, is a sincere friend to all the devotees of

the Lord, shows mercy to ignorant people who are innocent and disregards

those who are envious of the Supreme Lord.

A devotee who faithfully engages in the worship and practices but does not behave

properly toward other devotees or people in general is called a

prakrta-bhakta, a materialistic devotee, and is considered to be in the

lowest position.


Srimad Bhagwatam 11 th Skanda, Chapter 2 verses 44-47



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