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Question: If you were comparing your religion to Islam, Christianity or Buddhism, which one is nearest

to your belief?

Sri Chinmoy: Being a spiritual man, I must say that there is only one religion. You

call it Christianity, I call it Hinduism, somebody calls it Judaism and

somebody else calls it Islam. But there is only one religion. So when

there is one religion, there cannot be nearness or distance. There are

many branches of the religion-tree, but there is only one religion, and

that religion is God-realisation. The ultimate Goal of all religion is


Religions may fight on the way to the goal, but at the end of the journey

they become most intimate friends, and then

they feel that they were all the time together on the same journey, only

following different paths. True, sincere followers of any religion,

either Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism or Judaism, will never find

fault in the truths of other religions. They know that the ultimate

Truth exists in each religion.


– Sri Chinmoy, Excerpt from The Spiritual Journey: Oneness In Diversity


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