Salvation Through Yoga

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Salvation Through Yoga

Sutji told sage Shaunak that the ultimate aim of a man’s life was to attain salvation.

A man can not attain salvation until and unless he has

seen through the trappings of the worldly illusions. Sutji

said-‘Practice of Yoga helps a man to live in this world with a sense of

detachment and to successfully avoid the allurements of this mortal

world. Yoga comprises of six organs


Pranayam ( Breathing exercises),

Japa ( chanting),

Pratyahar( restraining sense organs),

Dharana (resolution),

Dhyan (meditation) and

Samadhi (deep meditation).

Not running after sensual pleasures by having self control

helps a man in diminishing his sins and diminishment of sins

pleases the deities who give blessings. Blessings of deities help a man

to attain salvation. Pranayam, an important part of Yoga is of two

types-‘Garbha’ and ‘Agarbha’. Pranayam, done with simultaneous chanting

of a mantra is called ‘Garbha’ whereas in ‘Agarbha’ Pranayam mantras are

not chanted.


It is natural for a man to get attracted by worldly pleasures and checking

this tendency of the mind is called ‘Pratyahar’.

It is not easy to control the mind and concentrate on anything for a

long time but ‘Dharana’ helps a man to do that. When a man has

successfully controlled his sensual desires, then it becomes very easy

for him to concentrate his mind. A concentrated mind finds it easy to

meditate. When he has mastered meditation it is not much difficult for

him to enter into the deep state of meditation i.e. ‘Samadhi’. In the

state of ‘Samadhi’, all sense of dualism cease to exist as one

establishes divine link with the Almighty, which helps him in

experiencing indescribable divine bliss.


Garuda Purana





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