Person who deserves to be taught the Gita.

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0d5f802bb79e42c5fb2c079839f0ce65At one time, when the battle was all over, Arjuna himself asked the question of Krishna. Krishna replied in a very quiet and casual way: “Let us take your elder brother, Dharmaraja, yes, he is a very good person, he has got many good qualities, but look at him, he never had any forethought. He is having an afterthought, he is feeling now after the whole thing is over and asking himself why he entered this battle. He is asking himself why we killed so many people. This is a kind of feeling that has come to him as an afterthought. This after-thought, by which one feels the guilt of some action after it is over, is the nature of man. Everybody will feel guilty and sorry after the thing is over. Such human quality is characteristic of Dharmaraja and therefore he does not deserve to be taught the Gita. If we consider the case of Bhishma, the great experienced scholar, valiant son of Ganga, he is in a very different situation. On the one hand, he realizes and states that righteousness or Dharma is on the side of Pandavas. On the other hand, contrary to what he has been saying, he is the head and the chief of the Army of Kauravas. This is a contradiction and a paradox in his life. Thus in Bhishma’s case, what he says is one thing and what he does is a different thing. Thus he is riding a chariot with horses running in different directions. He does not deserve to be taught the Gita.993573_612195672124067_2030861404_n-1

Let us take the case of Arjuna. He had the forethought, all the suffering and all the miseries that are likely to accrue if he fought this war, were thought of even before he commenced the war. He asked the question, why do I kill all my relations and all my elders? He said that he would rather go out and beg for his food than ask for the kingdom after killing all these people. He further said that apart from the kingdom that he would get if he won this war, even if he was promised heaven itself if he won the war, he would not be willing to enter the war and kill all his relations. He would rather give up both. He prayed to Krishna to get him out of this mess. Thus, Arjuna gave up all desires and prepared to sacrifice all the pleasures of this world and the other world and he surrendered completely to the Lord. We can recognize in him a person who deserves to be taught the Gita.
– Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Source: Summer Showers in Brindavan, 1972


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