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936151_10151447351180369_260461786_nGenerally, a thief is somebody whom we can never like or accept. But when you become a devotee, you cannot dislike a thief. His action is wrong and therefore, in a way, the actor is also wrong. You yourself need not thieve. You need not invite a thief to your house. You need not encourage him to thieve. You need not accept or store the stolen articles. But in the mind level, you must not hate him! Why? Because, the God whom you love and adore is present in everyone;  he is equally present in the thief. As He is present in the virtuous man, so also He is present in the vicious. When you recognize Him thus everywhere, you will see the  `oneness’ of the universe.

Do you want to have a mind that is peaceful, joyous, clear and expansive? Then you have to get rid of blamingness, and reach or at least strive for this wonderful state of love and oneness. Why this lack of fondness for each other? The cause is that there is no readiness; there is no effort and persistence in you. The austerity that keeps one in the path of expansion, is missing.

At every opportunity, develop fondness for each other. By loving anyone sincerely – not for using the person later, but genuinely – you will only be enriched. Love is a subjective personal affair. You may even have love for the thief! ‘Poor boy is thieving – what can be done?’ The mind should extend only sympathy. This is what the Maharishis felt when they saw Ratnaakara and the result was that the thief got transformed, to become later the famous Vaalmeeki. You may not be a maharshi, but can you not have at least a small part of the maharishi-element in you? – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

(c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2009


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