Conscious Awareness

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Conscious Awareness

Discussion with Baba Lokenath

Question: “What is the path to a happy and peaceful life?”

Baba Lokenath: “Do whatever you like, but do it consciously, with a sense of awareness.”

Question: ” “If You give Me permission to do as I please, then what would You say if I hit

somebody’s head with a stick?”

Baba Lokenath: ” “Do it and see. I asked you to perform all actions consciously. Once you become conscious

and aware, you will find that your conscience will prevent you form

hurting anyone.” The evils in society are perpetrated because awareness

is absent. All evil actions are the result of unconsciousness.

If you intend to become spiritual, you must analyze your actions and

thoughts each day before you go to bed at night. You must assess the

good actions and evil actions and come to a firm resolution not to

repeat evil actions anymore. A seeker should try to practice all

activities in a state of awareness. This is the most important ‘abhyasa-yoga‘ or spiritual practice

for the aspirant. Most recurring actions that flow from lust, anger,

greed, jealousy and the like manifest only in a state of unawareness.

The seeds of these tendencies lie dormant in the subconscious layers of

the mind.”

Baba Lokenath

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Path : Hinduism
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