Swamiji Sraddhasudhasharananda

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Would you like to know what the basic principles are, that have brought me to this point, of seeing my dream realized? They are –

[1]  We should learn to forgive ourself.

[2]  Change comes when it comes .. we must be patient.

[3]  If we think good, see only good and pray sincerely; the world looks a brighter and
better place. The negatives are not “out there”, they are “inside us”,
and we only hurt ourself by seeing and feeling negatively. While the
world moves on, we keep bleeding inside, feeling hurt and lonely.

[4]  God is kind and blessings are always there, we only need to be aware of
the blessings.

[5] Truth is simple, not a complex concept but unfortunately, it is not simple to think simple, as our group has
discovered in attempting to realize a group dream.


Having lived a fortunately long life gives a person much valuable opportunity for the exploration of many subjects and the wisdom of experiences.

My life has been rich with both.  My interests have ranged from scientific exploration to health practices to Occult to spiritual seeking – each has added to my perspective.  Especially, have these interests and experiences kindled in me a firm belief that regardless of how the human mind attempts to describe the really important matters of life and living, regardless of the philosophical or religious lens they use to contemplate such issues, the answers can be distilled into very simple concepts and easily understood, once that simplicity is uncovered.

Guruji’s blog:

Swamiji Sraddhasudhasharananda

I expressed a desire of my heart – “I have a dream. I wish
someone would compile the verses/sayings from all the different  sources
from ALL RELIGIONS about the SAME subject.” I felt that Truth is the
same, and it would be an enlightening experience for all to see how
everyone speaks the same truth.

Imagine my joy, to discover then, that some of my friends here at Gaia, had a similar longing in their
hearts too.  A new thread was started by our most Awesome lady Nicole. The longing to act upon the desire is what caused the group, who are the originating moderators, to start this group.  Many of us came to realize that this “dream” I expressed; was a dream that others had realized they had as well.

I am a friendly, humble man. The friendship I have extended has been rewarded in the commitment of these friends who have gathered here and the hours of sincere work they have selflessly given to establish this shared dream in a strong foundation for success.  In my humility, it is important to me, that you know that what you see established in this group has not been my work alone and could never have been accomplished without these dear souls helping me to make it so.

May we discover that simple truth as we identify the layers that would obscure such.

Swamiji Sraddhasudhasharananda – India



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