Importance of spiritual education

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Bhagawan, explains  and guides us to the glory of our true Selves.

“All the fear, anxiety, cruelty and injustice that is injuring the world today is caused by the wrong type of material education. Even those who promise to cure the disease of the body, treat it as if its different parts are fit subjects for a separate study and treatment. All nature is the body of God and must be looked upon as One. Spiritual education draws attention to the unity behind all the apparent multiplicity. To celebrate an occasion or a festival, you may have dusted and cleaned your houses and their surroundings, painted and whitewashed the walls, drawn auspicious designs on the floor or put floral wreaths over your doors – all this is simply outer decoration. To be truly happy, you must decide to remove the evils of egoism, greed, hatred and jealousy within you. Then you will truly become aware of the light within you, and the Atma (Supreme Soul) will dawn on you in all its glory.”

– Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

From:- Divine Discourse, Jan 15, 1979.


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