Practice surrendering at the feet of the Lord

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Just close your eyes for five minutes and think of the profit your efforts have won for you. One wish always leads to another and this goes on like a never ending chain. Initially, you wish to marry, then you get a daughter or a son, after this you desire to finish their education, marriage and the list goes on and on. The joy one gets by fulfilment of any desire is imperfect, limited, temporary and pregnant with grief. The secret to true happiness lies in vairaagya (detachment). The tongue has oil, fat and greasy substances rolling over it, but it is unaffected by these and does not become greasy. The mind too must be tamed to be unaffected by the experience of success and failure, gain and loss, well-being and illness. Practice surrendering at the feet of the Lord at all times; let His will prevail.
– Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, from:Divine Discourse, March 3, 1965.

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