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God is a mystery. Mind is a mystery. The world is a mystery. How sankirtan transmutes human nature into divine nature, how it overhauls the old vicious habits, how it changes the mental substance, how it transforms or metamorphoses the impure nature into pure nature, and how it brings the devotee face to face with God this also is a mystery.

Science and reason can hardly explain the `modus operandi’ of sankirtan (chanting). Reason is an imperfect instrument. A man of weak intellect can be defeated by one who has a stronger intellect. Reason cannot explain many of life’s problems. Intuition transcends reason; it does not contradict reason.

There is great sakti (power) in every word. The very utterance of the word `hot pakouri’ (a tasty savoury) brings saliva to the mouth. If you speak about `faeces’ when a man is taking his meal, he will immediately vomit. When such is the case with ordinary words, what to speak of the names of God? Every name of God is filled with various divine potencies and nectar.

One objector says. “If I say, `sugar candy, sugar-candy’, can I get it? How can I see God if I simply say `Rama, Rama’?” In the case of sugar candy, sugar candy is outside, but God resides in the very chamber of your heart. He is close to you. By repeating “Rama, Rama”, the mind becomes one pointed. It melts in silence and, in the heart, you will get the darsan (vision) of God. The name of God is as good as God himself. God is caitanya (consciousness, energy) and so is his name. It is not so with other objects or names of objects.

There is a man in sound sleep. The prana (life) is there; it is awake, He will not respond if you call, “Prana prana”. But just call him by his name and he will hear you and will get up from his sleep. Such is the power of the name. The name is nothing but caitanya (consciousness) personified.

– Swami Sivananda


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