What is essential is to see

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What is essential is to see that one is confused

What is essential is to see that one is confused, that all activity, all action which springs from confusion, must be confused also. It’s like a confused person seeking a leader, his leader must also be confused. So, what is essential is to see that one is confused and not try to escape from it, not try to find explanations for it; be passively, choicelessly, aware. And then you will see that quite a different action springs from that passive awareness, because if you make an effort to clarify the state of confusion, what you create will still be confused. But, if you are aware of yourself, choicelessly, passively aware, then that confusion unfolds and fades away. You will see, if you will experiment with this, and it will not take a long period of time, because time is not involved in it at all,that clarification comes into being. But you must give your whole attention, your whole interest, to it. And I am not at all sure that most of us do not like to be confused, because in the state of confusion you need not act. And so we are satisfied with the confusion, because to understand confusion demands action which is not the pursuit of an ideal or an ideation.  – JKrishnamurti, from:- Collected Works, Vol. V,359,Choiceless Awareness


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