Every being is a mixture of two strands

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Every being is a mixture of two strands – maya and Madhava (Illusion and Divinity); deha and Dehi (body and Indweller), jada and chith (inert matter and consciousness), and Jeeva and Brahman (Individual Soul and Supreme Soul). Both of these are in fact made of the same substance; they are like the two stones in a grinding mill, the Jeeva is the revolving one and the Brahman is the stable one on which the other is based. The Guru is the Teacher who removes the fundamental ignorance, which hides the knowledge of this truth from us. When you do not find a Guru, pray sincerely, the God inside you will Himself reveal the road and lead you on.  – Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, from:- Divine Discourse, Jul 13 1965.

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