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What is important, surely, is for you to find out. And, to find out, your mind must be in a state of creative experience, must it not? Your mind must be capable of discovering, which means it must be completely free from all knowledge as to whether there is an ultimate reality or only a series of ever more extensive and significant experiences. But, your mind is crammed with knowledge and information, with experience, with memories; and with that mind you try to find out.Surely, it is only when the mind is creatively empty that it is capable of finding out whether there is an ultimate reality or not. But, the mind is never creatively empty; it is always acquiring, always gathering, living on the past or in the future, or trying to be focused in the immediate present: it is never in that state of creativeness in which a new thing can take place. As the mind is a result of time, it cannot possibly understand that which is timeless, eternal.So, our job is to inquire not if there is an ultimate reality, but whether the mind can ever be free from time, which is memory -from this process of accumulation, the gathering of experiences, living on the past or in the future- that is, can the mind be still? Stillness is not the outcome of discipline, of control. There is stillness only when the mind is silently aware of this whole complex problem, and it is such a mind that can understand if there is an ultimate reality or not. – JKrishnamurti, from: Collected Works, Vol. VII,31


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