The 18th Meditation Technique of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

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Lord Shiva explains to Devi : ” LOOK LOVINGLY AT SOME OBJECT. DO NOT GO TO

Look Lovingly at Some Object— Lovingly is the Key. Have you ever looked
lovingly at any object? You may say yes because you do not know what it
means to Look Lovingly at an Object. One may have looked lustfully at an
object— that is another thing. That is totally different, diametrically
opposite. So, first try to feel the difference between looking lustfully and

A beautiful face, a beautiful body—you look at it, and you feel that you
are looking at it lovingly. But why are you looking at it? Do you want to
get something out of it?. Then it is lust, not Love. Then really you are
thinking of how to get this body, how to possess it, how to make this body
an instrument for your happiness.

Lust means how to use something for your happiness; LOVE means your
happiness is not at all concerned. Really, LUST means how to GET something
out of it, and LOVE means how to GIVE something. Hence, they are
diametrically opposite.

If you see a beautiful face and you feel LOVE toward the face, the IMMEDIATE
FEELING in your Consciousness will be how to do something to make this man
or this woman happy. The CONCERN is not with yourself, the Concern is with
the OTHER.

In LOVE the OTHER is important, in LUST YOU are important. In lust you are
thinking how o make the other your instrument; in Love you are thinking how
to become an instrument Yourself. In Lust you are going to Sacrifice the
Other; in Love you are going to sacrifice yourself. Love means Giving; Lust
means getting. Love is a SURRENDER; Lust is an AGGRESSION.

Even in lust you talk in terms of love and what you say is meaningless. Your
language of love is not very meaningful, so do not be deceived by the mere
talk on love. Look within, and then you will come to understand that you
have not once in your life LOOKED LOVINGLY toward someone or some object.

The second distinction to be made: This sutra says, Look Lovingly at Some
Object. Really even if you look lovingly at something material, insentient,
the object will become a person. If you look lovingly at it, your LOVE is
the KEY to TRANSFORM anything into a person. If you look lovingly at a
tree, the tree becomes a person.
Here we can recall how Radha and Gopikas were unable to control the
separation from SriKrishna and touching each bush and creepers on the tree
where Krishna played with them and with agony filled heart they talked to
them; they looked at them very deeply and begged them, asked them whether
Krishna has passed through that side and if so to describe the events. Those
blessed Gopikas and Radha must have looked at them with deep and intense
love which might have transformed those things into living persons. Such is
the greatness of the devotees possessed with Madhura Bhakthi to whom the
whole creation of God just do not appear as mere material but appear as
Living Divine!!!\

You name your dogs and cats. When you treat your dog lovingly, the dog
becomes not just an four legged animal, but a two legged human. Now your dog
is not just a dog. you have created a person, and now the dog has a
personality. So, whenever you look lovingly at a thing, it becomes a person.

And the contrary is also true. Whenever you look with lustful eyes toward a
person, the person loose his/her personality and the person becomes an
object, a thing. That is why lustful eyes are repulsive— – because no one
likes to become a thing. That person feels hurt. What are you doing really?
By your lustful look, you are changing a person, a living person, into a
dead instrument. You are thinking of how to ” use,” and the person is

That is why lustful eyes are repulsive, ugly. When you look at someone with
love, the other is raised. He/she becomes unique. Suddenly he becomes a
person. A person can not be replaced; a thing can be replaced; There is no
possibility of replacing him or her. A person is unique; A thing is not

LOVE makes any thing unique. That is why without love you never feel like a
person. Unless someone loves you deeply, you never feel that you have any

This sutra says, LOOK LOVINGLY AT SOME OBJECT. It makes no distinction
between and a person. There is no need because when you look lovingly
anything a person. The very LOOK changes, Transforms

You may not have observed what happens when you drive a particular car, say
a Maruthi. There are thousands and thousands of Maruthi is exactly similar;
but your car , if you are in love with it , becomes unique—-a person. It
can not be replaced; a relationship is created. Now you feel this car not as
lifeless, you feel this car as a person. If something goes wrong —-a
slight sound or slight vibration, you feel it. And cars are very
temperamental. You know the temper of your car—when it feels good and when
it feels bad. The car becomes by and by a person. Why? if there is a Love
relationship , anything becomes a person. If there is a lust relationship,
then a person will become a thing. And this is ” one of the most inhuman
acts man can do.”—-to make someone a thing.

LOOK LOVINGLY AT SOME OBJECT—so what is one to do? when you look lovingly,
what are you to do? The First Thing : FORGET YOURSELF. Forget yourself
completely! Look at a beautiful Flower and forget yourself completely. Let
the FLOWER BE; You become completely absent. FEEL the Flower, and a deep
love will flow from your consciousness toward the flower. And let your
consciousness be filled with only one thought— how you can help this
flower to FLOWER more, to become more beautiful, to become more Blissful.
What can you do?

It is not meaningful whether you can do or not, that is not relevant. The
feeling of what you can do—this pain, this deep ache over what you can do
to make this flower more beautiful, more alive, more flowering— is
meaningful. Let this thought reverberate into your whole being. Let
every fiber of your body and mind feel it. You will be transfixed in an
Ecstasy, and the flower will become a person.

DO NOT GO TO ANOTHER OBJECT.— you can not go. If you are in a love
relationship, you can not go. If you love someone in a group, then you
forget the whole crowd; only one face remains. Really you do not see anyone
else, you see only one face. All the others are there, but they are
subliminal– – just on the periphery of your consciousness. The others in the
group are just shadows;only one face remains. If you love someone then only
that face remains, so you can not move.

Do Not Go To Another Object, remain with one. Remain with a rose flower or
remain with a beloved’s face— may be your Guru or God. Remain there
loving, flowing, with just one heart, with the feeling of , ” What van I do
to make the loved one happier, Blissful.

case you are absent, not concerned with yourself at all, not selfish, not
thinking in terms of your pleasure, your gratification. You have forgotten
completely, and you are thinking in terms of the other. The other has become
the center of your love.; your consciousness is flowing toward the other.
With deep compassion, with a deep feeling of love, you are thinking, ” What
can I do to make the loved one bliss full?” Suddenly, , HERE IN THE MIDDLE
OF THE OBJECT—- BLESSING. Suddenly as a by-product, the Blessng comes to
you. Suddenly you become centered.

This looks paradoxical because this sutra says to forget yourself
completely, not to be self-centered, to move to the other completely.
Buddha is reported to have said continuously that whenever you are praying
, pray for the others—never for yourself. Otherwise the prayer just

One man came to Buddha and said, ” I accept your teaching, but only one
thing is very difficult to accept. You say that whenever we do prayer we are
not to think about ourselves, we are not to ask anything about ourselves. We
have to say, ‘ Whatsoever may be the result of my prayer, let that result be
distributed to all, if blessing happens, let it be distributed to all ”

The man said, ” This is okay, but can I make only one exception? Not to my
immediate neighbour.– – he is my enemy. Let this blessing be distributed to
all except to my immediate neighbor.”

Th mind is selfish- centered, so Buddha said, ” your prayer is useless.
Nothing will come out of it unless you are ready to give all, to distribute
all, and then all will be yours.”

In love you are to forget yourself. It looks paradoxical: then when and how
will the centering happen?. By being totally concerned with the other , with
the other’s happiness, when you forget yourself completely and only the
other remains there, suddenly you are filled with BLISS—Blessing.
Swami’s direction to pray ” SAMASTHA LOKA SUKHINO BHAVANTHU ” which is a
great prayer for ALL THE WORLDS TO BE HAPPY. There are, it is said, 14
worlds. The 14 worlds are: Bhu, Bhuvas,Svar, Mahas, Janas,Tapas, Satya (
these are the seven higher worlds), Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Rasatala,
Talatala, Mahatala,Patala ( These are the seven lower worlds). We can
understand Swami’s concern and love for all the 14 worlds to be Happy. Only
the CREATOR of all these worlds only will have such deep concern.

Suddenly you are filled with the Bliss—why? Because when you are not
concerned with your self you become VACANT, EMPTY, the inner space is
created. When your mind is totally concerned with the other you become
mindless within. Then there are no other thoughts inside. And then this
thought— How can I be helpful? How can I create more Bliss? How can the
other be more happy? ” cannot continue any more, because really, there is
nothing you can do. This thought becomes a stop.There is nothing you can do.
What can you do? If you think you can do, you are still thinking in terms of

With love object one becomes totally helpless..remember this. Whenever you
love someone you feel totally helpless. That is the agony of love.: one can
not feel what he can do. He wants to do everything, he wants to give the
whole universe to the lover or the beloved — but what can he do? If you
think that you can do this or that , you are still not in a love
relationship. Love is very helpless, absolutely helpless, and that
helplessness is the beauty, because in that helplessness you are

Love some one and you will feel helpless; hate some one and you can do
something. Love someone and you are absolutely helpless— because what can
you do? Whatsoever you can do seems insignificant, meaningless; it is never
enough. Nothing can be done. And when one feels that nothing can be done,
one feels that one is helpless. When one wants to do everything AND FEELS
are EMPTY. That is why LOVE becomes a DEEP MEDITATION.

Really if you love someone, NO OTHER MEDITATION is Needed. But because no
one loves, hundreds of methods are needed.—and even they may not
be enough. So, Love is the primary requirement.

Why love someone? Love the Kaliyuga Avatar Swami. The devotee-lover
knows how much he/she loves Swami. The initial desire for material benefits
has turned to 180 degrees to desirelessness for any material benefit.
Your are initiating your love for Bhagavan slowly, but what about Swami’s
love toward you? So, you start doing sadhana ( Spiritual practice) so that
your sadhana catches the attention of Swami and He will be drawn toward
you. Yes, Swami knows it and reciprocates, Swami showers His love on you.
But, there will be severe tests to follow. Suddenly, Swami neglects you (
Swami appears to neglect, but not really neglects). You are utterly
disheartened. You increases the severity of your sadhana. After some time
the scenario changes; Swami starts pouring love on you, you are exited, you
accelerate your sadhana. The love between devotee and Swami continues. And
again, suddenly the scenario changes, Swami neglects you [ This love and
neglect of Swami toward you is only to change you, only to promote and
elevate you spiritually- –as Swami often says how a goldsmith can convert
the crude gold to a shining and exquisite ornament, unless he subjects the
gold to different processes— it is to be heated, melted, drawn into bars
or wires, they are to be cut, soldered, washed, polished. As Swami says, if
the gold is not subjected to all these different —yes, different
tests—tests how can an ordinary gold, step by step transform into
beautiful shape and lustre and worn by women and men as ornaments or
even adore the idol of God? ] Quite similarly God puts the devotee to
similar different tests so that you can be promoted from Kinder garden to
1st, 2nd,3rd,4th- ——10th- –to graduation and double graduation the
field of spirituality. As you go higher up, the tests will be only more
severe. As the sutra says at some stage when you love God, you become
totally helpless; that is the agony of love toward Swami, you want to do
everything to Swami—but what can you do?you are doing your best effort for
drawing Swami toward you, you have done everything, it is never enough, you
cry, you weep, you wail but nothing seems to work. And when you feel that
nothing can be done. your mind stops. In this helplessness SURRENDER
happens. In this surrenderfulness- -when you are empty, when you are
effortless– in this effortlessness your Ego melts at the altar of Swami—-
suddenly Swami’s Blessings come to you, Swami’s Bliss envelopes you. You are
Blessed. These are the experiences of many Saidevotees, though they may not
express openly. This is because, somewhere deep, there is a fear lurking
that if such experiences are revealed, then it is not correct, the
experience may loose its sanctity, and such beautiful experiences may not
occur again. But, this is wrong impression. If such fears were true, then no
one would know the wails and pangs of separation of Radha and Gopikas, no
one would know the Meera’s love for Giridhar Gopala.

Of all the methods, the method of love is supreme. If you can love God, no
method is required. But the methods are initially required because the basic
method—THE METHOD OF LOVE OF GOD— is missing. If you can Love God, no
other method is required.

A Preceptor was explaining all these methods to a disciple. The disciple
expresses that , ” I have much hope now, because there are one hundred
twelve methods, but somewhere a depression also comes into the mind; Only
one hundred twelve methods? And if these 112 methods do not work for me,
then is there a one hundred thirteenth method?,

He is right! If these 112 methods do not work for you, then there is no go.
So as he suggests a depression also follows hope. But, really methods are
required because the basic method is missing. If you can love, no method is

LOVE itself is the greatest method, but love is difficult— in a way
impossible. Love means putting yourself out from your consciousness, and in
the same place where your ego has been in existence, putting someone else.
Replacing yourself by someone else means love.—as if you are not existing
and only the other is existing.

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OBJECT—THE BLESSING. Suddenly you have forgotten
yourself—the other was there. The when the right moment comes, when you
are no longer present, absolutely absent, the other will also become absent.
And between the two the blessing happens. That blessing is also because of
an unknown, unconscious meditation.

When the lover is possessed, love is gone. Then the lover is just a Thing.
You can use it. When lover is the thing the Blessing will never come again,
because the Blessing was coming when the other was a person. The other was
made, created: you created the person in the other , and the other created
the person in you.. No one was object , a thing. Both were subjectivities
meeting—two persons meeting, and not one person and one thing.

But the moment you possess, this will become impossible. And mind will try
to possess, because mind thinks in terms of greed.: ” One day BLISS has
happened, so it must happen to me every day.. So, I must possess..” But this
bliss happens because there is no possession. The Bliss happens not because
of the other, really, but because of you. Remember this , the BLISS HAPPENS
BECAUSE OF YOU. Because you are so absorbed in the other, the Bliss happens.

The BLISS can happen with a Rose Flower, it can happen with a rock, it can
happen with the trees, it can happen when the cry or laughter of a baby, it
can happen in the chirping of birds or it can happen even in the sound of
barking of dogs, it can happen with anything, because GOD is immanent in
Everything, immanent Everywhere, and All the time. Once you know the
situation in which it happens, it can happen anywhere, time,space and thing
are not barriers for it. If you know that you are not, and with a deep love
your consciousness has moved to the Other—to the trees, to the sky, to the
stars, to anyone; when your Total Consciousness is addressed to the Other it
leaves you, it moves away from you—-I THAT ABSENCE OF THE SELF IS THE

Sai Ram.

My humble pranams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan.



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