What is the benefit accrued to us

August 12, 2012 Comments Off on What is the benefit accrued to us

What is the benefit accrued to us, by acquiring wisdom about the Divine Self? Our Divine Master explains to us today.

The impressions of the senses, mind, and intelligence have nothing to do with the Atma (Divine Self), which you really are. The Atma is unaffected by any subject or object or pleasures. To know the Atma as such an entity, unaffected and unattached, is the secret of Jnana (Wisdom). This awareness will guide you in both the outward (Pravritti marga) and inward (Nivritti marga) paths. This knowledge will not block action but will fill it with purpose and meaning. It will build up faith, inspire a moral life and take man to the realm of deliverance along the road of Nishkama Karma, action that is not prompted by desires. For the achievement of liberation, Jnana is the direct road. Therefore, it is incomparably sacred. And naturally, it follows that ignorance is undoubtedly the most despicabl e. “See the Universal in the particular; see the particular in the Universal; that is the essence of Jnana,” declared Krishna in the Geeta.

– Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, from: Geeta Vahini, Ch 6.


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