What about God?

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We have to live our life. Life is a process, believe it or not, and life is not what you live. Like earth has its own axle but it has also its orbit. If you consider your life as yours, then you will always be a poor, unhappy, unfulfilled, and miserable creature. It doesn’t matter how religious you are. I can bet from one to a hundred on it. Because you must understand that the force of life is not you. God is nothing but a pure energy. God is nothing but a purity. God is nothing but that Self which must see. These two eyes given to you can only read a billboard, but these eyes also can see what is seeing through them. These ears can hear the sound on their drums and can translate by brain, but these drums can also hear who’s drumming in you. This tongue can speak good and bad, negative and positive it can be slanderous and it can be appreciative but if at a purpose behind you also can see what is the purpose of your life and that is God… not the purpose of the time and space.
So long a man serves time and space, he is poor. Rich is not that one who has all the wealth. Rich is that one who has the longest reach. When the finite becomes part of Infinity, and finite acknowledges infinity, and finite crosses the infinity within the finite, that is called ‘yoga.’
Yoga is a science. Science of union of finite with Infinity. Some yogis started saying, “Let us give up everything.” Some started saying, “let us take everything.” Some started saying, “Philosophy is what you should know.” Others started saying, “Being practical is what you know.” Some said, “Seva is the only way. Serve and be humble.” Some said, “No. You should be above all and nothing should touch you.” So there came a lot of philosophies and lot of lines in the yoga to just dictate and people dedicated themselves to those dictates.
Finally came the time of Guru Nanak. He was an Udhaasee himself, he was a saint himself, and he was a Guru himself. He came out after all calculations with one idea: that man has to have imperial power as well as humility with it. The world of Raaj Yog came right then.
You should be very imperial in your living and you should be very saintly in your dealings. And then the concept of a soldier and a saint came which is not found before anywhere. You have to act like a soldier, but you have to think or imagine or process the whole thing as a saint. These are very important issues.
Guru Nanak said it is not a good idea to be poor. You can have all the richness of the world, but it is a very bad idea to be attached. He taught detachment in attachment. He thought that if you have wealth, it’ll be fine. You can do so much good for others who deserve not otherwise the happiness you can make them happy and that’s what you have to do. His teachings were very direct, very honest, very humane. He did not believe that we should lie upside down, tie ourselves with the tree, or put fire around us, or go through the sweat of it. He didn’t teach us to do things which normally people do to test their courage and grit. He said: “Knowing truth is not enough. If you cannot live it, you will never experience it!” And that is enough. But also he said: “Truth can be individual, truth can be what truth is, but truth has to be that truth which is universal. There’s one God and that one God has His own grace.” He said: “Become the part of that grace.”
– Yogi Bhajan:
1989 – Espanola NM


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