Secret Of Love

March 15, 2013 Comments Off on Secret Of Love

Subtle and profound is the path of love.
It is like the edge of a sharp razor.
But the true lover treads it easily.
His grace renders his path smooth.
There is no asking or bargaining there,
It is all sacrifice and self­-surrender.
It is the out­pouring of the heart’s love
At the lotus feet of the Lord.
Egoism is burnt in the fire of love,
Desires are destroyed in the flame of love.
Two have become one now.
The lover plunges himself
In the ocean of divine love,
He immerses himself
In the sea of divine joy.
He offers his all in the Lord’s service,
His tan (body), man (mind), dhan (wealth) ­
This is the secret of this love.

—  So says Sivananda


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