How to remain Undisturbed

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I find that it requires a lot of alertness to keep the mind away from petty matters. Most of the time one is not even aware of the sly turns the mind has taken. When it happens, I feel depressed. I wonder how it happened. And then the mind gets troubled – often beyond reason and beyond control. How does one deal with it?

Poojya Swamiji’s Response:

One like you – provided you listen – can be ‘at home with the mind’, no matter what it does. May be this is a great secret!

You will not be able to have a mind, which will behave the way you desire. If it were to be so, it won’t be Nature’s evolute at all. Mind has the triple function of linking the past with the present and future. That means it must (i) bring the past (ii) be involved in the present and (iii) yet be reflecting on the future. It does this triple function by memory, occupation and concern – memories of instances already transpired, occupying itself with the needs and compulsions of the present, and being concerned with the needs and safeguards for the future. If the mind does not do these three, who else would?

Memory will always be, to be true, of all that was said, heard, thought and done. It does not provide for any selection. Likes and dislikes, approval and disapproval, etc. have no relevance there. Mind is a register of all things transpired, good, bad or indifferent. Naturally it will bring all of them, even repeatedly. When the present occupation lessens or thins down, memory domination may even increase. Does not matter. Do not try to interfere with this process. Understand it well, and allow its course.

Whenever a thought or memory arises and you do not like it, just allow it to pass off. It will, by its very nature, dissolve anyway. That is how no thought remains for long. As soon as it emerges, it subsides too. Welcome and act only upon those thoughts which you find useful and relevant. Disregard others, and keep quiet. Once they begin not to disturb you, or draw you to unnecessary conflict or concern, the trouble ceases. What is the wrong in their emergence, then? It would merely be like writing on water. Make it so. You can. This is the only possibility, necessity too.

The same applies to the concerns about future. Many concerns may crop up. If, on any such thought, you feel you have to act, do so. Or else, allow it to subside, to leave it the way it came in. You have to do nothing for its subsidence.

This is a sublime process of remaining undisturbed, unaffected, harmonious, with the mind’s behaviour. It is more than sufficient as a functional formula and attainment. You can certainly practise this. The only tool needed for this sublimation of the mind, is the understanding about it.  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

(c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012


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