What Are the Views on Mahapralaya?

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Monistic theists hold that at mahapralaya, cosmic
dissolution, all creation is withdrawn into Siva, and He alone exists.
Pluralistic theists hold that world and souls persist in seed form and will
later reemerge. Aum Namah Sivaya.


Pluralistic Siddhantins contend that after mahapralaya–the
withdrawal of time, form and space into Siva–souls and world are so close to
Siva that, for all practical purposes, He alone exists. Actually, they say,
both world and souls continue to exist, not as things, but as
“potentialities.” As if in a deep sleep, souls, now in a bodiless
state, rest. Individual karmas lie dormant to germinate later when creation
again issues forth and nonliberated souls are re-embodied to continue their
spiritual journey. Monistic Siddhantins believe that souls persist through the
lesser pralayas of the cosmic cycle, but hold that only Siva exists following
mahapralaya. There is no “other,” no separate souls, no separate
world. The universe and all souls are absorbed in Siva. Pasha–anava, karma and
maya–is annihilated. In the intensity of pre-dissolution, when time itself is
accelerated, all souls attain complete maturation, losing separateness through
fulfilled merger with Siva. Yea, jiva becomes Siva. The Vedas boldly decree,
“By His divine power He holds dominion over all the worlds. At the periods
of creation and dissolution of the universe, He alone exists.” Aum Namah
Sivaya. – Sloka 150 By Sivaya Subramunya Swami , from Dancing with Siva


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