You can know yourself

March 20, 2013 Comments Off on You can know yourself

You can know yourself as you are only in relation
There is a learning which begins with self-knowledge, a learning which comes with awareness of your everyday activities: what you do, what you think, what your relationship with another is, how your mind responds to every incident and challenge of your daily life. If you are not aware of your response to every challenge in life, there is no self-knowledge. You can know yourself as you are only in relation to something, in relation to people, to ideas, and to things. If you assume anything about yourself, if you postulate that you are the Atman, or the higher self, for example, and start from that, which is obviously a form of conclusion, your mind is incapable of learning. – JKrishnamurti, The Collected Works, Vol. X”,252,Choiceless Awareness


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