Why need you have an ideal of non-violence?

March 24, 2013 Comments Off on Why need you have an ideal of non-violence?

You have been brought up, most unfortunately, on ideals. Ideals are just words. They have no meaning whatsoever, they have no substance. They are just the barren children of a vain, thoughtless mind! You have been brought up on the ideal of nonviolence. You go around preaching all over the world nonviolence. Nonviolence is the ideal. But the fact is that you are violent in your gesture, in the way you talk to your superior or your inferior. Please listen to yourself. I am just pointing it out. You are violent – violent in your gesture, in your thought, in your feeling, in your action. Why can’t you look at that violence? Why need you have an ideal of nonviolence? The fact is you are violent, and the ideal is non-factual; so you create a contradiction in yourself and therefore prevent yourself from looking at the fact of violence. When you look at a fact you can deal with it: you will say you are violent and accept it; you accept it and say, ‘I am violent and I will not be a hypocrite’, or you will say you are violent and enjoy it, or you will look at it without the ideal. You can only look at an object or a fact or what is, when there is no ideal, no opinion, no judgment – it is so. Then the fact brings about an intensity of action in the immediate. It is only when you have ideas about a fact that you postpone action. When you realize factually that you are violent, then you can look at it, you can go into it; then you can learn all about it, the nature of violence, whether it is possible to be free or not – not as an idea, but actually. So a religious mind has no ideals, no example, no authority, because the fact is the only thing that matters, and that fact demands urgency of action.  – JKrishnamurti,Collected Works, Vol. XV – 25


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