Can one be disconnected from Self?

March 26, 2013 Comments Off on Can one be disconnected from Self?

Seekers’ Query: Whenever we are involved fully in interaction, we forget or we get disconnected from the Self. What is the practical method to continuously maintain this remembrance while we are in the middle of all activities in this world?

Poojya Swamiji’s Response: For this, I have got a simple formula. Whenever you make a reference to the Self, have a proper understanding of the Self. The Self is interpenetrating everything in this world, big or small. It is interpenetrating the atom as well as the mountain and the whole cosmos. You are surrounded by it. Then, how can you be disconnected from it? Please explain! Never use the word ‘Self’ and then say: “I am disconnected from It!”

The Self is, by its very nature, immanent as well as transcendental. Immanent means it is manifest in everything, always. And transcendental means it is beyond whatever is seen. So tell me, can you be disconnected from That? When you are living in the world, can you be disconnected from the world? The world is an expression of the Self. Can you be disconnected from the Self then?

Inwardly you cannot be disconnected, and outwardly also you cannot be divided and disconnected. So where is the question of getting disconnected from the Self? It is the wrong or imperfect idea you have about the Self that is to be treated whenever you feel you are disconnected.

My dear children, you are all speaking profound words, but you have to understand the meaning of these words. I am reminded of Kalidasa, the great poet. When he was writing Raghuvamsha, he was praising Lord Siva and Parvati:

vaagarthaaviva samprktau vaagartha-pratipattaye |
jagatah pitarau vande paarvati-parameshvarau ||

In order that I may get the right meaning from the word, I am prostrating before Paarvati and Parameshvara, who are united to each other like the word with its meaning.

So when you use the word ‘Self’, understand that it is something that you can never be separated from. You can be separated from your father, mother, wife, money or home. From every object of the world you can get disconnected, but not from the Self. Will you correct your misunderstanding?  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha [An extract from the Sep 2009 issue of Vicharasethu.] (c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012


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