Live with Mental Health as Age Advances

March 26, 2013 Comments Off on Live with Mental Health as Age Advances

We know that the body will not remain strong and fit forever. Some people have a habit of exaggerating their diseases – they keep on complaining. Let us not magnify our troubles; at the same time we must not neglect them. I always tell people that as the body grows old, we have to live with our mind’s health. As far as the mind is concerned, age is always a factor to its advantage – the mind grows as age advances. The mind of a person at sixty years as compared to that at twenty five, certainly had more opportunities to assimilate matters, adjust to surroundings and tolerate difficult circumstances.

Understand that the entire body is evolved, shaped and administered by the spirit in the body. This spiritual content is something different from matter and energy. It animates and activates the body. I would like you to reflect upon this. Our brain, our eyes and ears – our entire body with all its organs has been shaped by the spiritual presence within. It is the creator, preserver and also the destroyer of the body.

We speak about creation, preservation and dissolution with regard to the world. But, at our body, mind and intelligence levels also there is constant creation, preservation and dissolution. How many cells are created and destroyed in our body every day! Look into your mind. How many thoughts are created, preserved for a short while and then dissolved! This is something that takes place in your system.

Ask the question: Who makes it; who controls it? There is only one answer. The spiritual Presence within the body alone is causing everything. Rely upon that inner Presence confidently. Give that Presence its due place and importance, and invoke its support, its power. Depend upon that Presence within to give you better health.

Of course, medicines and medical treatments are necessary. But, if the body is not able to assimilate, distribute or utilize whatever medicines are administered, do you think medicines can help? No! The medicines are only external props. But the real assimilator of the medicines is the power within the body. Rely upon that power confidently. Be in greater proximity and bond with that power, and try to live with more mental health as the age advances.
– Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha (c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012


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