Who Were the Early Kailasa Preceptors?

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Among its ancient gurus, the Kailasa Parampara honors the
illustrious Rishi Tirumular and his generations of successors. In recent
history we especially revere the silent siddha called “Rishi from the
Himalayas.” Aum Having achieved perfect enlightenment and the eight
siddhis at the feet of Maharishi Nandinatha in the Himalayas, Rishi Tirumular
was sent by his satguru to revive Saiva Siddhanta in the South of India.
Finally, he reached Tiruvavaduthurai, where, in the Tamil language, he recorded
the truths of the Saiva Agamas and the precious Vedas in the Tirumantiram, a
book of over 3,000 esoteric verses. Through the centuries, the Kailasa mantle
was passed from one siddha yogi to the next. Among these luminaries was the
nameless Rishi from the Himalayas, who in the 1700s entered a teashop in a
village near Bangalore, sat down and entered into deep samadhi. He did not move
for seven years, nor did he speak. Streams of devotees came for his darshana.
Their unspoken prayers and questions were mysteriously answered in dreams or in
written, paper messages that manifested in the air and floated down. Then one
day Rishi left the village, later to pass his power to Kadaitswami. The
Tirumantiram expounds, “With Nandi’s grace I sought the primal cause. With
Nandi’s grace I Sadasiva became. With Nandi’s grace truth divine I
attained.” Aum Namah Sivaya. – from Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami’s trilogy: Dancing with
Siva, Living with Siva
and Merging with Siva; 3,000 page trilogy on Hindu
culture and metaphysics, available in the full-color volumes
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