How Is Our Soul Different from Siva?

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Our soul body was created in the image and likeness of the
Primal Soul, God Siva, but it differs from the Primal Soul in that it is
immature. While Siva is unevolutionary perfection, we are in the process of
evolving. Aum.
To understand the mysteries of the soul, we distinguish
between the soul body and its essence. As a soul body, we are individual and
unique, different from all others, a self-effulgent being of light which
evolves and matures through an evolutionary process. This soul body is of the
nature of God Siva, but is different from Siva in that it is less resplendent
than the Primal Soul and still evolving, while God is unevolutionary
perfection. We may liken the soul body to an acorn, which contains the mighty
oak tree but is a small seed yet to develop. The soul body matures through
experience, evolving through many lives into the splendor of God Siva,
ultimately realizing Siva totally in nirvikalpa samadhi. Even after Self
Realization is attained, the soul body continues to evolve in this and other
worlds until it merges with the Primal Soul, as a drop of water merges with its
source, the ocean. Yea, this is the destiny of all souls without exception. The
Vedas say, “As oil in sesame seeds, as butter in cream, as water in river
beds, as fire in friction sticks, so is the atman grasped in one’s own self
when one searches for Him with truthfulness and austerity.” Aum Namah
Sivaya. Sloka 27 from Dancing with Siva
– Satguru Sivaya
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