Relevance of Self-knowledge

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Exposition of the Soul will have its meaning and relevance only when it is related to our life, revealing clearly how the thought and realization of the Soul will impact our day-to-day life and interaction. As in the case of Arjuna in Kurukshetra battlefield, the Soul science is imparted only to free the mind of various conflicts, torments and enigmas. While emotional conflict or turmoil is a creation of the mind, rational question or doubt is a product of the intelligence. Only when both these are redressed or resolved, the seeker will have the desired peace, freedom and poise.

It is here that Self-knowledge excels. Self-knowledge is an armour which enables individuals to course through vicissitudes of life, arising from interactions with persons, places and events. It empowers the mind and intelligence to rise above the usual worldly pressures and persecutions.

This practical relevance of the science of Self-realization should be properly grasped and let known to people. Knowledge is the paramount constituent of human life. When the intelligence assimilates an idea or proposition, it inevitably passes it to the mind, and both intelligence and mind become radiant. Nothing can then stop them from expressing this knowledge in all their actions and interactions.

The Soul is the one brilliance, on which the whole spiritual science and pursuit rest. A right understanding of the Soul as well as the functional aspects of the Soul-knowledge, is bound to bring about wholesome refinement in the seeker. It is in this context that Vasishthadev dwells repeatedly on the uninvolved nature of the Soul, by explaining it variously with illustrations. These are meant to help reflect upon the subject repeatedly. Such reflection, when taken up in depth, intensifies saadhanaa.  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
[This is an excerpt from the article on ‘Science of Inner Redemption’ published in the Feb 2009 issue of the monthly journal Vicharasethu.]
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