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Shraddha is the first and last word in any field of knowledge, both in gaining and expressing it. It should be even more so in the context of spiritual wisdom. If attentiveness is there, it will express itself in all the fields of one’s life. The Soul is present in everybody. Its presence alone activates the senses and initiates thoughts, emotions and knowledge. Without the Soul, neither the body can exist and function nor the mind, intelligence and ego, manifest. Yet, why is it that every one senses the body but misses the Soul? Even decades of effort and austerity sometimes fail to clinch the search for the Soul. Why?
It is sheer lack of attention to be sharp and focused on the goal. There is a general feeling that to be a spiritual person, seeker or Knower is to delight in unkempt hair, unclean dress and generally be careless about anything. Can there be a greater travesty?
Knowledge is noted for its sublime effects. It brings orderliness, rhythm, discipline and refinement at all levels. Only then it can make its votary worthy and effective in his interactions and achievements. In the name of knowledge, how can one be unclean, disorderly and disorganized? Attention, shraddha alone brings knowledge, retains and employs it efficiently whenever and wherever needed.
It is true that spiritual seekers and votaries form an amazing assortment. That is because spirituality is amenable to one and all. So, all kinds of people, given to manifold habits and ways, also fill the spiritual arena. Let this be so.
But that is no reason for a sublime Knower to be shabby, haphazard and unrefined in the matter of living, moving, interacting, dressing and the like. Janaka sat on the throne and ruled Mithila, surrounded by knowledgeable ministers and advisers. He was yet a Knower.
What about Krishna, the Geeta Instructor? Can there be a better example? To think deeply, get at right conclusions, be able to express and give effect to them in an appealing and rational manner calls for considerable attention and application. So attention or shraddha is something that cannot be ignored or sacrificed by the human at any time. It is all the more so in the case of seekers and Knowers.  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

[An extract from the Ashram’s Monthly Journal “Vicharasethu – The Path of Introspection”]
(c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012
Venginissery, P.O. Ammadam, Trichur, Kerala – 680 563


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