Soul knowledge alone is the redress

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The Soul is the one brilliance, on which the whole spiritual science and pursuit rest. A right understanding of the Soul as well as the functional aspects of the Soul-knowledge, is bound to bring about wholesome refinement in the seeker. It is in this context that Vasishthadev dwells repeatedly on the uninvolved nature of the Soul, by explaining it variously with illustrations. These are meant to help reflect upon the subject repeatedly. Such reflection, when taken up in depth, intensifies saadhanaa.

In Yogavaasishtha-Ramayanam, Sage Vasishtha says:

The Soul is not related to the body at any time on any account; nor is the body related to the Soul the least. Like light and darkness, they remain distinct from each other.

As long as these are mutually different, unrelated, how can they be blended or conjuncted? Can a gross object become subtle? Or can the subtle become gross? (Any such union will disprove their own nature. Both remain themselves only because of their different natures and properties. Any bond, blending or conjunction of the two is impossible to think of.)

We get a feel of the Soul from the living body. It is through embodiment, life in the body, that one is led to the thought and introspection of the Soul. This aggregate of body, mind and intelligence, though different from the Soul, enables us to reflect upon the Soul, so that we may seek and realize its (Soul’s) nature and splendour.

Vasishthadev emphasizes that the two have no league between them at all. How to understand this body-distinct nature of the Soul, all along living in the body and employing it in various activities and interactions? The subject seems to pose a grave conflict. But it is this that makes the pursuit interesting, enlivening and fulfilling too. Seekers must have the tenacity and insight to resolve the conflict and bring about clarity.

Knowledge alone is the succour, redress and strength for us to pursue our lives with zeal and stability. Water enables plants, trees and other beings to thrive. Water is also used for cooking and other purposes. Despite all this, does water change its character and status? From the earth it evaporates, comes back as rains, is used variously, and finally results in vapour and rain again. In the process, does it ever become non-water?

So too fire, which burns many things. Though employed in many ways, does fire become anything else, so as to lose its nature and splendour? Even when fire is associated with smoke, its inherent brilliance is not affected the least. In the case of the Soul, this principle is all the more true. Consciousness (the Soul) manifests in and through the body, mind and intelligence, but none of these associates verily constricts or taints the Consciousness.

Sage Vasishtha says firmly that a conjunction between the Soul and the body is never possible, as is the case with light and darkness.

Light is opposed to darkness. Never can either of them become the other. The Soul never becomes the body. The only way is to think repeatedly about this Truth, until the mind and intelligence absorb it well. Introspection, vichaara, in all depth and dedication, alone will result in right comprehension.

While speaking about the Soul, understand that it is something entirely above matter and energy, also beyond the biological body. How can the Soul ever have any bond with the body at all? By its very nature, it is free, pure and pervasive. No question of its getting involved in or being constricted by the body can ever arise at all. This point should be clear.  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
[This is an extract from the series on “Science of Inner Redemption”, in the monthly Journal Vicharasethu, Feb 2009.]
(c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012
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