The Real Saadhanaa

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Krishna emphasizes in Bhagavadgeeta, that both sukha and duhkha are equally disturbing or tormenting to the individual, his ego. To think that sukha pleases and duhkha alone teases is a partial view. Think wholesomely without constrictions of prejudice. Sukha torments, but by creating an alluring note, and duhkha does the same by the note of distaste. Both have disturbing and unsettling effect.

The alluring and fascinating note towards sukha alone causes the opposite reaction to duhkha. Here lies the great fact. To view the incidence of sukha, because it is pleasant in character, with any special favour or welcome, is not acceptable to sankhya. Correct this short-sighted notion, dissuade it repeatedly. When that is done, duhkha will turn to be less and less tormenting.

The first attention can be to thin down, moderate and sublimate the sukha responses. What that is accomplished, the heaviness duhkha causes will reduce. Reactions to both sukha and duhkha should become even. Against sukha it will be the process of moderating the alluring note. With duhkha it will be the task of moderating the distaste. The sukha and duhkha incidences will continue but with the note of moderation towards their gaining currency. Behind the mind as it were, a new dimension grows, to become strong, lustrous and pronounced.

The moderation process will not be static, but continuous. Attention shifts skillfully from the alternates of sukha and duhkha to the practice and pursuit of evenness towards them. Such ‘evenization’ alone is the real saadhanaa. The rest is all what is already there and will be there. Sukha and duhkha alike provide the chance and compulsion for the pursuit.
– Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
[An excerpt from the book ‘Essential Concepts in Bhagavadgeeta – Volume 1’ ]
(c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012
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