Who Were Kadaitswami and Chellappan?

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Kadaitswami was a dynamic satguru who revived Saivism in
Catholic-dominated Jaffna, Sri Lanka, in the 1800s. Chellappaswami was an
ardent sage, ablaze with God consciousness, immersed in divine soliloquy. Aum.
Kadaitswami was a powerful siddha, standing two meters tall,
whose fiery marketplace talks converted thousands back to Saivism. It is said
he was a high court judge who refused to confer the death penalty and renounced
his career at middle age to become a sannyasin. Directed by his satguru to be a
worker of miracles, he performed siddhis that are talked about to this
day–turning iron to gold, drinking molten wax, disappearing and appearing
elsewhere. Chellappaswami, initiated at age nineteen, lived alone in the teradi
at Nallur temple. Absorbed in the inner Self, recognizing no duality, he
uttered advaitic axioms in constant refrain: “There is no intrinsic evil.
It was all finished long ago. All that is, is Truth. We know not!” The
Natchintanai says, “Laughing, Chellappan roams in Nallur’s precincts.
Appearing like a man possessed, he scorns all outward show. Dark is his body;
his only garment, rags. Now all my sins have gone, for he has burnt them up!
Always repeating something softly to himself, he will impart the blessing of
true life to anyone who ventures to come near him. And he has made a temple of
my mind.” Sloka 154 from Dancing with Siva
Aum Namah Sivaya. – from Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami


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