Inner Sublimation & Enrichment through Action

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Karma (action) is something that none can escape or eschew. Nature keeps every living being incessantly active. If karma is thus inevitable, there arises the natural enquiry – “what, then, is to be renounced” ? Karma-phala (result of action) alone, is Krishna’s answer. The phala Krishna refers to or implies is certainly not the object-results of actions. For, these are something that can never be avoided by anyone.

Any karma has its clear objective. When rightly pursued, that objective will be gained. In fact, the completion of an action is itself, in a way, the emergence or gaining of its result. Where is the question then of separating the objective of an action from the action itself?

Every objective-result can evoke only one of the three distinct mental responses – pleasant, unpleasant or a combination of the two. These inner, mental results alone Krishna wants the seeker to deal with and sublimate.

While undertaking an action, the actor should not be obsessed by the possibility of desirable or undesirable or partially desirable result. He must set his objective and begin his faithful effort to realize the objective. By the laws of nature and the processes at work, the natural outcome will follow. And whatever that be, the actor should accept it without any reluctance and be reconciled to it. Such a reconciling attitude does not in any way adversely affect the fruition of what he does, rather it is a help and a support for the right outcome.

That the objective effort for the object-result aimed at gives a beautiful opportunity to strengthen such a reconciliation, is what every seeker should repeatedly contemplate upon and understand. Besides the objective effort and object processes at work, the performer also strives simultaneously for his subjective, spiritual sublimation and elevation. And this has the sublime effect of harmonizing his actions, making them more effective and powerful every time.

Thus, the process of action and its pursuit should flow naturally and harmoniously. Not to allow it, or to try to intercept it in one way or another, will be against the natural scheme of things. This natural attunement, integration and harmony is what constitutes the essence and enrichment called sannyaasa, renunciation. Krishna ardently emphasizes this fundamental truth.

True asceticism implies arriving at such an inner sublimation and enrichment, through proper study, reflection and meditation, whatever may be the circumstantial activity the ascetic is engaged in. The core attainment is always inner – it is in the nature of mind-sublimation and mind-enrichment. – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha


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