None can escape

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None can escape
being pure, wise and guileless

tatra-sattavam nirmalatvaat-prakaashakam-anaamayam?
sukha-sangena badhnaati jnaana-sangena caanagha ??

Sattva, by dint of its purity, brilliance and immaculate nature, O sinless Arjuna, binds one with happiness and wisdom.

Bhagavadgeeta 14.11

Sattva binds everybody by purity, light or wisdom and blemish freeness, says Krishna. This kind of description about sattva should go deep into the seeker’s heart. It means none can escape being pure, wise and guileless. In the potential to be so and the possibility to succeed in the effort, none can claim any insufficiency or incompentence. Like any other character or tendency, these features of sattva are also inescapably present in every individual.

That is why within a seemingly bad person, wicked or immoral, often we find the seed of purity, innocence and goodness. None in this world stands condemned. Nobody can look at Nature and say: Why have you made me accursed like this? Nature has equally bound every one, without distinction with sattva, rajas, and tamas. Their proportion alone can differ.

Unless this basic varience is there, where is the role for individual effort at all? All the gunas with their varying characterics give the required scope for every one to exercise his option and strengthen that guna, which he chooses to imbibe. Understood well, this is the best arrangement one can think of to uphold individual freedom and its proper display.

Every one under this arrangement has a clear scope for gaining wisdom, live in its light, free himself of all mento-intellectual defects or lacks to experience the inner spiritual delight. The question is merely of availing the opportunity in time, making use of it diligently. None can plead or complain of any deficiency.

Thus in the scheme of nature, this sattva is juxtaposed with two other gunas. Krishna also explains their implications. The analysis enables the saadhaka to examine and determine how much rajas, and tamas are operative in him, how he can then diligently strive to moderate their influence, by reinforcing the share of sattva-guna.  The presence of rajas and tamas should not dissuade anyone. In fact, it is they that induce and compel spiritual seeking and Self-knowledge.
– Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
[An extract from Poojya Swamiji’s book “Essential Concepts of Bhagavadgeeta – V”]


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