Nothing in the world has the status of “Reality”

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The trouble and torment a seeker encounters while perceiving the world around and trying to understand its meaning and importance, are due to the world’s gross, plural and interdependent character. A powerful delusion overpowers the perceiver that everything around is absolutely true and valid to the core. But is it so? This is an enquiry any serious seeker should take up zealously.
True, we have our senses to perceive external existence, and what the senses find and confirm is the basis for us to proceed further. But does the matter really end there? Is the perception of the senses independent, or does it inhere in something beyond them, situated inwardly in the body?
As are the senses, so too are the inner instruments like the mind, intelligence etc. But, they are far subtler and higher. It is not that we live and move only with senses. Senses are, in fact, only meant to serve the intents of the mind and intelligence. Without the mind activating the senses, and the intelligence guiding the mind, the senses would remain powerless and even useless. That is how the cornea from a dead person, grafted to a living blind, is able to provide him vision. In the dead body, the mind is not present, hence the eyes become disabled, dysfunctional. The dependence of the senses on the mind is thus quite obvious.
We have to recognize the greater importance of the mind and intelligence. Should we not then heed what the mind and intelligence have to say in the matter? Once this kind of examination and enquiry becomes active and vibrant, it will change the very understanding about the world, which is but a product of sensory perception.
Mind is not gross at all. The subtle mind constantly takes imprints of the world objects, employing the senses for the purpose. As is the mind subtle, so too are the imprints on it. Any reference to the outer objects is, in reality, to their subtle imprints in the mind. Like every thought, feeling and emotion, every object-imprint in the mind also rises and sets in the mind itself. How can we then adduce unbroken existence for any external object or its experience?
Thus, it has to be clearly borne in mind that in our experience of the world, our own inner mind and its imprints act as the sole basis. Therefore, we have no ground to say that the objects exist in their own right, with grossness and distinctions, as they seem to suggest. All are, in truth, the mind alone and the imprints it causes. This is the fact, judged by our own intelligence and reason.
This statement, in fact a summary conclusion on the basis of rational study, should always remain in the mind of the seeker. At no time, should he allow it to dim or dwindle. In that lies the success and the wholesomeness of his seeking.
Thoughts and ideas about the individual soul (jeeva) and other related concepts thus become fallacious. Notions of objective existence and non-existence also turn to be mere imaginations. Lack of knowledge about the real nature of Consciousness, whose expressions are the mind and its creations, alone gives rise to such object- delusions. Knowledge of the Self is bound to bring all the doubts and conflicts to an end.  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
(c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012
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