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Krishna says (in Bhagavadgeeta) : “Link every act, without distinction, to the Supreme, as and when it is performed.” The attitude a seeker usually has towards a special religious act, must equally govern all actions in general.

Every action should be identified with the Supreme, which is the cause of the entire creation. This will be so, provided the devotee’s sole interest becomes the Supreme and the Supreme alone. When the all-enfolding nature of the Supreme is conceived, to pin all interest and concern on It should not be difficult. Rather, that will become the natural step. To ensure that such an all-fold interest and dedication grows deep and constant, the seeker has to take to sufficient contemplation. His whole worship must be in the way of contemplation or meditation. That alone touches and involves the mind and intelligence of the seeker.  That is why Krishna enjoins contemplation as the necessary corollary of this wholesome devotional pursuit.

Now comes the immediate result or fruition of such exclusive seeking: For those who remain exclusive in their devotion to the Supreme, says Krishna, the Supreme soon stands as the deliverer.  The devotee is delivered from what? From worldliness, which is full of death or transitoriness. Transitoriness implies death, in the sense that when anything undergoes change, its present content or character changes into something else.  This transition or replacement, in other words, means death or destruction.  Hence the transitory world is death-full too.

To attain immortality is to be delivered from the transitory worldliness.  In place of fear, anxiety, agitation and the like which worldly life imposes, the devotee will start feeling natural and harmonious with everything.  It is not a physical gross escape, but is an inner spiritual redemption, which one experiences while living and moving in the world.

And this happens only by dint of the single attunement. The minds of such devotees are completely fused into the Supreme, through devotional fondness, recognition and renunciation. Do not think whether spirituo-devotional pursuits have a remote fruition, or such fruition is available only after the body falls.  True spiritual life is to be adopted while living here and now.  It is unlike ritualistic life that promises rewards to be gained after the fall of the body. – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha, Gitopadesa_4


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