Worship through Interactions

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In Yoga-vaasishtha Ramayanam, Lord Siva says (6p.39.38,39,41):

Worship the inner, gentle, amiable Soul even by all kinds of quarrel, taste, tendencies, etc., and also by expression of desire and hatred.

Propitiate the Soul seated in your heart by sweet friendship and intimacy, lofty like that radiating from the heart of the noble, and cool like the moon.

Worship the Soul within, through whatever comes providentially, by enjoyment or by its absence.

The test and fruition of spiritual wisdom is the skill and mastery it bestows in treating life in its fullness, excluding no event, process or outcome any time. This all-fold welcome and sublimation is what makes a spiritual Knower’s life distinct from those of the others. None can escape the influence of the pairs of opposites surrounding every walk of life. Here Lord Siva says, the seeker should take every interaction with an open, spiritually enlightened mind, embracing and assimilating it outright – be it quarrel, conflict, disparity or disagreeable trait in others, may be at home or outside.

Unlike the sun, the moon goes on waxing and waning. So too our life may shrink or swell, in the midst of dvandvas encircling us. One day will be good, favourable and pleasant, but another not so. Do not let these make you feel high or low. As the world hosts these, your mind too has to. By so doing, the sense and degree of sublimation and enrichment will grow. In enjoyment or suffering, affluence or penury, acclaim or disdain, be evenly disposed.

Mind has the potential to do this, and this evenness, when done well, will bring immeasurable inner enrichment. This is the singular quality that makes the seeker and Knower excel and exult.

See how Lord Siva transits from the ambit of ceremonial worship to the domain of inner refinement, enrichment and sublimation. In fact, all religious and philosophical pursuits have the sole aim of dealing with the mind’s vagaries and self-denigrating habits, to get steeped in inner fullness and unshakability.  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
[This is an extract from the Series titled ‘Science of Inner Redemption’, based on Yogavaasishtha Ramayana. This particular piece is from Jun 2011 issue of the monthly journal, “Vicharasethu – The Path of Introspection”.]
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