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The true nature of spiritual saadhana, is the asaadhana that has to be constantly looked into and eliminated. What does this mean? What is asaadhana? In actual practice, what is the process of dealing with it? All this must be properly looked into and understood.

One important aspect of spirituality that I always emphasize is: incorporation and elimination. You must incorporate noble virtues and eliminate harmful traits. This twin process should be continuously going on in the mind of the saadhaka.

For anyone who wants to be effective, happy and progressive in this world – whether he is a spiritual seeker or a worldly aspirant – this quality is very necessary. In fact, that person alone can be considered as good and efficient, who is constantly given to eliminating undesirable traits and incorporating desirable notes. This is the summum bonum of life. We have the necessary means with us to accomplish this. Our mind can develop the required will and wish for the purpose.

In this context, you may wonder: what is meant by removing asaadhana? In spirituality, one fundamental and ultimate concept is that the Soul is ever present. It is already there. You don’t have to bring the Soul; nor can you drive it away. It is always present and you are That. If you are the Soul, and if it is ever blissful, a question arises. Why is it that you have non-blissful moments so often? You should contemplate on these lines: “If I am the blissful Soul, which part of my system feels un-blissful? And why am I allowing it?” That means, whenever your mind is hurt, disturbed or agitated, immediately the thought should come: “Why am I getting hurt and agitated? What has happened to my mind?”

The external cause may be there. It may be a person – his actions, words or attitude. Let that be! That is his! But, why is it impacting your mind in this harmful manner? Why are you losing your peace and blessedness?

Your line of thinking should be: “I am the blissful Soul, always. The blissfulness of the Soul is getting covered – an aavarana has taken place. Because of this covering, I am getting distracted. These two extraneous elements – the covering and the subsequent distraction – have to be removed by me. They will not go away on their own. I have to remove them by my own efforts, willfully.”

So, do not get overwhelmed by external causes of your agitation. Understand that it is your mind that is getting affected. Again, ask yourself: “What is that factor in my mind causing this affectation? Is it because of any intolerance? Is it because of mind’s constriction and clouding? Am I influenced by preference and prejudice? Do I have anything like a desire?”  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
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