Tune yourself to the Greater Laws

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Dear and blessed son,

Harih Om Tat Sat. I have your letter relating the events in your office and the subsequent developments that led to your seeking voluntary retirement. It seems the Company has been quite considerate, keeping in view the good work you have done while in service. I feel, the development as a whole has been good, favourable and creative.

Your mind appears to cogitate over the sequence of events and you feel that some words or steps from your side were not in place. Dear son, a certain situation arose and your mind reacted to it in a certain manner. Some consequences naturally followed. All these were in full order as far as the situation, your response and the results were concerned.

To think whether you could have done better in thought and action, and if so, whether the consequences would have been more favourable, is an unnecessary and even harmful retrospection. If this trend of thinking is allowed, it will only lead to your victimization in the hands of your own thoughts. Is that a desirable situation, more so for a saadhaka like you?

You are a saadhaka who has had his deeksha and is set to pursue his saadhana for what it means and brings in the way of fulfillment. In the true spirit of a saadhaka and his wholesome saadhana, should you not view everything spiritually? Or should you allow your professional and skillful ways to prevail? Be discrete and do not lack in viveka.

You were earlier looking forward to the wholesome pursuit of spiritual life and saadhana to reach the goal at the earliest. Now, when an opportunity has come your way, should you not welcome it wholeheartedly?

Even now it is not late. Set your thinking right and do not allow your mind to indulge in any adverse rumination. This is perfectly possible, if only you imbibe and display the attitude and response of a sincere seeker. I have full hope in your goodness and innocence.

About your thoughts on corrective introspection, I have a specific message.  But this needs to be conveyed through references to events in our Epics. Only then will it have the right impact on you as well as on the society, and you know how I always delight in presenting these instances to drive home a point.

When Sri Rama decided to live in the forest for 14 years, Sita insisted on accompanying him there. She said that without her Lord the palace of Ayodhya would be a cremation ground and that even the unfriendly and dense forest would be a celestial garden if only she has her Lord by her side. Great words! And she meant them too!

After thirteen years of joyous and eventful life in the forest, Rama wanted to spend the fourteenth year in a more quiet and austere way, given to contemplation and resolve, so that their return to Ayodhya would be graced with the bounties of penance.

But the heavens had decided otherwise! Rama had a greater mission to fulfil. Ravana was found handy for the purpose. Ravana lacked nothing, yet on the reports of his sister Soorpanakha, he sought Sita in the forest. Sita appeared beautiful, more to Ravana than to Rama.  Rama knew her heart, while Ravana could not. So he hatched a plot to snatch Sita, using his magic and skills.

A young golden deer, tantalizing in every way, suddenly appeared in Sita’s garden.  With its nimble ways, the unworldly creature captured her heart. The great Sita became suddenly poor and possessive. She wished to possess the deer – at least dead, if not alive! She confided her wish to the valorous Rama, who was more than ready to fulfil her wish – the noble lady had rarely wished or asked for anything! Lakshmana warned them that such a creature was surely a mischievous creation of the inimical Raakshasas around. “So what,” said Rama, “If it is so, it deserves to be killed. If not, let Sita have it”.

You know what followed and the travails they had to undergo! Seeing Lakshmana not responding to Rama’s distress call while chasing the deer, Sita hurled the most abusive words at him! She no doubt regretted later what she had spoken. But it was too late. As soon as Lakshmana got out of the hermitage, Ravana arrived on the scene and snatched Sita away.

My dear son, how many times would Rama have lamented over his fateful step? How remorseful was Sita after that? Their lamentation still lingers. What do you feel about the actions of this noble couple who are eternal models for the world?

An act is committed and it derives its outcome and relevance from a prevailing situation or circumstance. Is there any point in lamenting over what has happened, or reflecting as to whether it could have been otherwise? When Rama began to lament, Lakshmana intercepted reminding his brother of the need to set about for the urgent task ahead.

The same is the message for you, dear son. You are a saadhaka, seeking to elevate your soul. Be concerned with this one mission, once and for all. Your professional life and its progress and prosperity are a thing of the past. The experience and exposure you had during that tenure should serve to make you mature for the new mission of gaining inner poise and spiritual elevation. Everything that transpired till now has been in order, as it was in the case of Sri Rama.

Dissolve the discomforting part of your professional ego.   Fall in tune with the greater note of  the Creator’s harmony and design. He wants you to intensify your saadhana with the exclusiveness and will it calls for.  Towards that end, He has deftly taken away the thwarting undercurrents from your path – which would not have left easily on their own. Thank Providence, and be grateful to its inscrutable ways. Laugh over what has happened. Be easy, calm and confident. Go ahead rejoicing in the fate. Enrich yourself with its splendour and grace.

I want your sahadharminee also to be free of burdens, as she has been praying for. Is a conspiracy needed for her also?

Go on reminding yourself the thought and mantra I have given. Heart is beautiful, mind is brilliant, their strains alone cause torment. May these be cleared and let the inner lustre radiate in full glory and form.

Love and Shivasis.

Your own Antaraatma


Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

[This is a correspondence of Poojya Swamiji to a disciple. This was published in the Aug 2001 issue of the Monthly Journal Vicharasetu]


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