Wholesome Worship

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Wholesome Worship
by one’s own actions

Krishna wants the seeker to understand the limitation and redress it as soon as possible. A seeker’s life must always be given to vichara, enquiry and evaluation. That is why he makes it clear that true worship has an entirely different note and rationale, which he delineates emphatically.

The commencing line of the verse “yataH pravrittiH bhUtaanaam (Bhagavadgeeta 18.46)– from which or from where have emerged all beings”, is thus very suggestive. Krishna adds “yena sarvam-idam tatam”. This pinpoints that the same Presence is not merely the Source of all existence, but also interpenetrates, permeates, the entire creation. This clearly implies that the Supreme Presence sought to be worshipped, contemplated upon and reached, equally pervades the seeker’s body, his personality. In fact, is it not even in the flower and the plant, in the ground from where the plant has sprouted and also in the one that plucks and offers the flower piously, as much as in the idol or picture he worships?

Can you ever worship such an all-pervading Source by a flower or any other customary offering, however well chosen it may be?

What is the right way then? Krishna answers in the next line: sva-karmaNaa tamabhyarcya – by worshipping that Source in and through all your activities. Right from the moment of waking up in the morning, performing one’s ablutions, bathing, reading any material relevant to one’s life and profession, taking meals, going to the place of work, attending to domestic routines, interacting with people – all these, whether personal, professional or social, small or big, should be rightly included in the process and content of worship.

It should not be that during the half an hour session with the Idol, one feels devotional and during the rest of the day his attitude becomes different. The whole range of one’s activities should constitute worship, ensuring that devotion and worship remain ceaseless. This alone will make the seeker a wholesome devotee and win for him an unbreakable connection with the Supreme Reality. Such ceaseless worship will take any human to spiritual perfection, says Krishna summarily.

Here, Krishna specifies a significant ascent in devotional pursuit. Earlier, he had referred to material offerings, explaining that they could be a means to elevate the seeker and purify his mind and intelligence. A leaf, flower, fruit or even water would suffice for the purpose, he said, when the offering is well smeared with devotion (9.26). The thing offered is not what matters. For, the Supreme Reality does not need any of them at all! The offering is an effort, a religious process, meant to lead the one who offers to his goal. Devotionalizing the thing offered is the prime factor in the whole process.  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
[An extract from Poojya Swamiji’s series on “Science of Inner Redemption” based on Nirvaana Prakarana of Yoga Vaasishtha Ramayana, being published currently in the Ashram’s Monthly Journal “Vicharasethu – The Path of Introspection”. This particular portion is from the Jul 2007 issue.]
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