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`ya matih sa gatir-bhavet’ is one important law which applies to the `psychic substance’ called the mind or intelligence. It means, `as one thinks so he becomes, as he reflects so does he grow’. This implies that the thoughts and reflections which one gives effect to are the foundation upon which rest his growth and advancement. So one should think and reflect in such a way that the process will take him where he wants to reach and make him what he wishes to become.

If you go on engaging your mind and intelligence in thinking and reflecting about space which comprehends within it all directions and dimensions, the practice will inevitably result in a steady growth and expansion of your inner being. The mind and intelligence of one generally remain narrow and shrunk because he does not initiate them into the right path of expansion. People do not, as a rule, care to think beyond their four walls. They live like the frog in the well. They are totally unawake to the presence of so many others like them the world over. They refuse to recognize the grand existence of the myriads of other planets, most of which are even more gigantic and amazing than this little earth upon which we have our dwelling.

Go to a hill or a mountaintop or to the shores of the shores of the roaring sea, and then take a patient look all around. The imposing expanse which you find stretched before you is bound to evoke a number of lofty inspirations and feelings in your mind. You cannot but feel drawn to things which are far greater and deeper than those you now see and try hard to hold on to.

The culture of the mind and intelligence, to a great extent, consists in making them think and enquire into the very basis and cause of the world. An enquiry into the source of all creation will tell us very clearly that the world which is but a name we give to the surface of the earth, when considered along with the countless planets swinging and swerving in space is verily a speck smaller than even a tiny mustard seed.

I still like to think of this mystic space and of the relevance and value which the universe as well as this earth has, when judged against the background of pure emptiness in which they exist. The time spent on the thought and contemplation of space is really the time the mind rises to `the heavens’ and touches the abode of immortality. Suppose you are able to put enough of devotion and zeal while contemplating upon space, then you will enter into the inner spiritual realms of direct intuitive experience. During those transcendental spells you will find this gross body of yours melting and dissolving, as it were, into nothing and nowhere, and a sublime soothing expanse permeating through every pore of your being. Really you will love to have such an experience. It is too appeasing and elevating.  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha [This is an extract from Poojya Swamiji’s book “Quietitude of the Mind”]


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