Let Nirvana Encircle Your Being

April 19, 2013 Comments Off on Let Nirvana Encircle Your Being

Man is not born to remain bound, to be tormented and fearful, but to overcome these botherations and float in spiritual redemption and ecstasy. Do not construe the blessing of human life as a curse. Human birth bestows superiority. Your thoughts are to be positive in every situation. Freedom of thought should not act as a disadvantage. Every one should harness it as a distinct quality, shedding timely luster.

The world is plentiful. True, it assails you constantly with a number of attractions and repulsions. But it can do so only when you give your mind to be conquered by it. Attraction or repulsion is not in the object of the world; it arises in your mind, when the object registers its impulse thereon. This truth must enable you to work your way for success and salvation.

The world cannot be your master; it only helps to learn. The learning is done by your own buddhi. Do not make yourself a slave to kaama and krodha. Remember, senses in your body are superior to the objects around you. More powerful than senses is the mind. Greater still is your buddhi. And the Soul in you is the greatest! Remember this order of ascendancy.

The powers in their own order of ascendancy being within you, seek refuge under your intelligence whenever the mind is attracted or repelled. Viveka is the most reliable help. Culture it by your intelligence. When adequately imbued with viveka, your own intelligence will be able to strengthen the mind, withstand attractions and repulsions.

A Sadhaka is one, who tries for this kind of mental relaxation, emotional equipoise, psychological freedom and harmony. Meditation comes to him as an aid. In meditation, his mind gets closer to the Self, to the great Presence and Power that makes and rules everyone’s body. Now and then reflect upon your own superiority over the world objects; the superiormost nature of the Soul in you. The endless world is but insentient. But you, the individual, are sentient. Can you not transcend the world’s influences on you then? It is a shame to plead weak, deluded or lethargic. With the creator right in your heart, what excuse can you claim?

In Jnaana-sadhana wisdom works all the ends – purity, sublimation and illumination. Knowledge, buddhi’s wealth, acts directly on the mind below. Mind responds only to the zealous treatment of buddhi. Tutor the mind about the secret of enlightenment and ecstasy.

When you remember God, you feel peace, but how? All-pervasive God does not come in to deliver peace. In remembering God, world stands apart; thereby kaama-krodha subsides. Mind becomes serene and peace surges forth easily. Mind’s is the magic.

Yatis, sanyasins, by ridding mind of kaama and krodha, preserve an inner sublimity, which generates nirvana. Their mind preserves the treasure always. What a great truth! Actualize it by diligent effort. – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha


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