The 38Th Meditation Technique of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra

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Lord Shiva Explains to Devi: Bathe in the Center of Sound, as in the
continuous sound of a Waterfall, or by putting the fingers in the ears, hear
the sound of Sounds´

This technique can be done in many ways. One way is to begin by just
sitting anywhere. Sounds are always present. It may be in a market or it
may be at a Himalaya retreat: sounds are there. Sit silently, and with sound
there is something very special. Wherever there are sounds, you are the
center. All the sounds come to you from everywhere, from all directions.

With sight, with eyes, this is not so. Sight is linear. I see you then
there is a line toward you. Sound is circular, it is not linear. So all
sounds come in circles and you are the center. Wherever you are, you are
always the center of sound. For sounds, you are always God, the Center of
the whole Universe. Every sound is coming to you, moving toward you, in

This technique says, BATHE IN THE CENTER OF SOUND. Wherever you are, if you
are doing this technique, just close your eyes and feel the whole universe
filled with sound. Feel as if every sound is moving toward you and you are
the center. Even this feeling that you are the center will give you a very
deep peace. The whole universe becomes the circumference and you are the
center, and everything is moving toward you, falling toward you.

AS IN THE CONTINUOUS SOUND OF A WATERFALL. If you are sitting by the side
of a water fall, close your eyes and feel the sound all around you, falling
on you from every side, creating a center in you from every side. Why this
emphasis on feeling that you are in the center? Because in the CENTER there
is NO SOUND. The center is without sound, that is why you can hear sounds;
otherwise you could not hear them. A sound can not hear another sound.
Because you are soundless at your center, you can hear sounds. The center is
ABSOLUTE SILENCE. That is why you can hear sounds entering you, coming to
you, penetrating you, encircling you.

If you can FIND OUT where is the center, where is the field in you to where
every sound is coming, suddenly sounds will disappear and you will enter
into soundlessness. If you can feel a center where every sound is being
heard, there is a sudden transference of Consciousness. One moment you will
be hearing the whole world filled with sounds, and another moment your
awareness will suddenly turn in and you will hear the soundlessness, the
Center of Life.

Once you have heard that, then no sound can disturb you. It comes to you,
but it never reaches you. It is always coming to you, but it never reaches
you. There is a point where no sound enters. That point is YOU. Do it in a
market, there is no other place like a market. It is so much filled with
sounds, mad sounds. But do not start thinking about sounds that this is
good and that is bad, and this is disturbing and that is very beautiful and
harmonious. You are not supposed to think about sounds, you are simply
supposed to think of the center. You are not supposed to think about every
sound moving toward you whether it is good, bad, beautiful. You are just
to remember that YOU ARE THE CENTER and all the sounds are moving toward
you.every sound, whatsoever the sort.

In the beginning you will get dizzy because you have not been hearing
whatsoever is happening all around. Your hearing is selective, your seeing
is selective. And now scientific research says that ninety percent is not
heard, only two percent of whatsoever is happening around you is heard.
Otherwise, if you heard one hundred percent of what is happening all around
you, you will simply go mad. Previously, it was thought that the senses are
the doors, the openings, the windows for the outside to enter inside. Now
they say, they are not doors, and they are not so open as it was thought.
Rather, they are like a watchman, a sensor who is every moment watching what
is to be allowed in or not.

Only two percent of happening are allowed in and you are already mad
with two percent. With one hundred percent, with a total opening, with
everything opened, every sense opened, functioning, and everything being
allowed in, you will go mad. So when you try this method, in the first step
you will feel a dizziness coming to you. Do not be afraid, go on feeling the
center and allow everything, whatsoever is happening. Allow everything to
move in.

Relax yourself, relax your watch towers, your senses; relax everything, let
everything enter you. You have become more liquid, open; everything is
coming to you, all sounds are moving toward you. Then move with the sounds,
and come to the center where you hear them.

Sounds are not heard in the ears, the ears can not hear them. The ears only
do a transmission work, and in the transmission they cut out much which is
useless for you. They choose, they select, and then those Sanskrit sounds
enter you. Now find out within where is your center. The ears are not the
center, you are hearing from somewhere deep down. The ears are simply
sending you selected sounds. Where are you? Where is your center?

If you are working with sounds, then sooner or later you will be
surprised because the center is not in the head. It appears to be in the
head because you have never heard sounds, you have heard only words. With
words head is the center, with sounds the head is not the center. That is
why in Japan they say that man thinks not through the head, but through the
belly because they have been working with sounds for a long time.

You have seen in every temple a gong. That is placed there to create sounds
around a seeker. Someone is meditating, and the gong is sounded or a bell is
rung. A disturbance seems to have been created by the very sound of the bell
; someone is meditating, and this bell or gong seems disturbing. In a
temple, every visitor who comes will hit the gong or ring the bell. With
someone meditating there, this would seem to be a constant disturbance. It
is not, because the person is waiting for this sound.

So every visitor is helping. Again and again the bell is hit, and the sound
is created and the meditator again enters himself. He looks at the center,
where this sound goes deep. There is one hit on the bell the visitor has
done that. Now the second hit will be inside the meditator, somewhere
inside. Where is it? The sound always hits at the belly, at the navel, never
in the head. If it hits in the head , you can understand well that it is not
sound, it is words. Then you have started thinking about the sound. Then the
purity is lost.

Now there is much research about the children who are in the womb.They are
also hit by sounds and they react to sounds. They can not react to language.
They have no head yet, they have no reasoning, and they do not yet know
language and the agreed-upon customs of the society. They do not know about
language, but they hear the sounds. And every sound affects the child more
than it affects the Mother, because the Mother can not hear the sounds
she hears the words. And we are creating mad sounds, chaotic, and those
sounds are hitting the unborn children. They will be born mad; you have
already disturbed them too much.

Even plants are affected by sounds. They grow more if some musical sounds
are created around them; they grow less if some chaotic sounds are created
around them. You can help them grow. You can help them in many ways through

the sound just by using your finger, or with anything which closes your ears
forcibly. Then a certain sound is heard. What is that sound, and why do you
hear it when the ears are closed or plugged?

It happened in America, that a train passed through a certain neighbourhood
in the middle of the night, some where about 02:00 a.m. A new line was
inaugurated and the train stopped moving on the old route. But a very
strange phenomenon happened. The people who were living in that
neighbourhood where the train had stopped moving complained to the police
that at about 02:00 a.m. something mysterious was heard. There were so many
reports, it had to be investigated what was the matter. Strange sounds were
heard at about 2:00 a.m. They were never heard when the train was passing;
only the people had become accustomed to the train. Now suddenly the train
stopped. They were waiting to hear it in their sleep as they had become
accustomed to it, conditioned to it. They were waiting and the sound was not
there. ABSENCE was heard, and this absence was something new. They felt
uneasy about it, they couldn’t sleep.

So for the first time it was understood that if you are constantly hearing
something and it stops, you will HEAR the ABSENCE of it. So do not think
that you will simply not hear it. You will hear the Absence, the negative
part of it will be heard. If I look at you, and then if I close my eyes, I
see your negative. If you look at the window and then close your eyes you
will see the negative of the window, and the negative can be so forceful
that if you suddenly look at the wall the negative will be projected on the
wall. You will be seeing the negative.

Just as there are negative of photographs, there are Negative Sounds. Not
only can the eyes see the negative, the ears can even hear the Negative. So
when you Close your ears, you hear the negative world of sounds. All the
sounds have stopped. Suddenly a NEW SOUND is heard. This Sound is the
ABSENCE OF SOUND. A gap has come in. You are missing something, and then
you HEAR this ABSENCE.

negative sound is known as the sound of sounds because it is not really a
sound, but its ABSENCE. Or it is a natural sound, because it is not created
by anything.

All sounds are created. The sound you hear when you close your ears is not a
created sound. If the whole world becomes absolutely silent, then you will
hear the Silence also.

Pascal ( Blaise Pascal), the French physicist and mathematician, is reported
to have said, The moment I think about the infinite cosmos, the silence of
the Infinite Cosmos makes me very much afraid.The silence makes him
afraid because sounds are only on the earth. Sounds need atmosphere. The
moment you go beyond the earth’s atmosphere there are no sounds, only
Absolute Silence. That silence you can create even on the earth. if you
close both of your ears completely. Then you are on the earth, but you have
moved; you have dropped below sounds.

If you are lost in the forest and you hear a certain word, you may not know
the source but you are less afraid. Someone is there! You are not alone! In
Soundlessness, you are Alone. In a crowd, if you close both of your ears
totally and move in, you are alone. The crowd has disappeared, because it
was through sounds that you could know others were there.

sound is a very subtle experience. What will it give to you? The moment
there are no sounds, you fall back upon yourself. With sounds we move away,
with sounds we move to the other. With sounds we are related to the other,
we communicate with the other.

If sound is the vehicle to move to the other outside, then soundlessness
becomes the vehicle to move inside to oneself. With sound you communicate to
the other; with Soundlessness you fall down into your own abyss, into
yourself. That is why so many techniques use Soundlessness to move within.

Become absolutely dumb and deaf even if only for a few moments and you
can not go anywhere else than to yourself. Suddenly you will find that you
are standing within; no movement will be possible. That is why silence was
practiced so much. In it, all the bridges for moving to the other are

The spiritual Master Meher Baba stayed continuously for forty years in
silence. What was he doing in silence? Really you can not do anything in
silence because every act is some how related with others. Even in
imagination, if you do something you will have to imagine others; you can
not do it alone. If you are absolutely alone, action becomes impossible.
Even the imagination to act becomes impossible. Acting is related to others.
If you drop language inside, all doing drops. You are, but you are not doing

Meher baba would tell his disciples, by writing a note, On this particular
date I am going to break my silence,and then he would not break it. This
continued for forty years, and then he died in silence. What was the
problem? Why he should say, Now this year, on this day, on this date, I
am going to speak?And why should he postpone it again? What was happening
inside? Why would he not keep his promise?

Once you know the beauty of silence for such a long time, you can not fall
back to sounds again; it becomes impossible. There is a rule, and he did not
follow the rule so he could not come back. There is a rule that one should
not remain silent for more that three years. Once you cross the limit, you
can not come back to the world of sounds. You may try, but it is impossible.
It is easy to move from sounds to silence, but it is very difficult to move
from silence to sounds. Beyond three years many things simply become
impossible. The mechanism can not function the same way again. It has to be
used continuously; at the most one can remain silent for three years. Beyond
that, if you remain silent the mechanism which can produce sounds and words
can not be used again, it becomes dead.

Secondly the person becomes so much silent remaining with himself alone that
it will now be a misery to communicate. Then to say something to someone
will be like talking to a wall, because the person the person who has
remained silent for such a long time knows that you can not understand
whatsoever he is saying. Regardless of what he is saying, he knows he is not
saying that which he wants to say. The whole thing has gone. After such a
deep silence, he cannot move again to the world of sounds.

So Meher Baba tried and tried, but he could not bring himself to speak
again. He wanted to say something, and he had something worth saying, but
the mechanism and the movements necessary to come back to a lower realm were
impossible. Thus he died without saying what he wanted to say.

It will be helpful to understand this : Whatsoever you doing, always go on
doing the opposite with it. Go on changing to the opposite always. Remain
silent for a few hours, then talk. Do not become fixed in anything you
will be more alive and more moving. Do meditation for a few days, and then
stop suddenly and do everything that can create tension in you. Then move
again to meditation.

Go on moving between the opposites, you will be more ALIVE AND DYNAMIC. Do
not get fixed for long, because you will become mechanical. Once you get
fixed you will not be able to move to the other extreme, and the ability to
move to the other extreme means Life. If you are not able to move, you are
already dead. This movement is very good.

Gurdjieff advised his disciples to have sudden changes. He would insist on
fasting and then he would say,  Now you eat as much as you can. Then
suddenly he would say,  Go on a fast. Then again he would say,  Start
eating.He would say, Be awake for a few days and nights continuously,
then fall asleep for a few nights.This movement between the polar
opposites gives you a dynamism, an Aliveness.

technique, two opposites have been shown. BATHE IN THE CENTER OF SOUND, AS
another extreme.

One part is to HEAR the SOUNDS coming to your center; another part is to
STOP ALL SOUNDS and feel the SOUNDLESS CENTER. These both have been given
in one technique for a special purpose so that you can move from one
extreme to the other extreme

The OR is not a choice to do this or that ( as is understood generally). DO
BOTH!. That is why both have been given in one technique. First do one for a
few months. You will be more alive, and you will know two extremes. And if
you can move to the two extremes easily, you can remain YOUNG FOREVER. Those
who get fixed at any extreme become old and die. Better to be young till the
old age and die!.

My humble pranams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan.

Sai Ram.



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