What is Saadhana?

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All your problems arise because you are not doing the Saadhana in the right way. Whenever you sit in meditation, you will say, `Swamiji, I sit in meditation, my mind thinks’. What is this mind supposed to do? Suppose, by magic, I throw you to a totally mindless, non-mental state, then will you be of any use to anybody?

So, like the blood circulating, air also circulating, the mind also will be circulating between the past, present and future. This revolving nature of the mind is not to be tampered with at all. All that we want is purity, peace and a sense of fulfillment in the function of mind. For that, you should not consider the mind to be least unfriendly.

So, today you sit, simply think in this manner: Mind is an ocean and you are that ocean and in the ocean, the waves of thoughts, feelings and emotions are arising. Sometimes these waves will be strong, as in a sea. Sometimes they will be mild. Sometimes they will be fast. Sometimes they will be slow. Suppose, the wave rises, as it sometimes happens in a bore tide, nothings happens to the sea. If at all, something happens to the land and the buildings and the people there.

Your attitude must be that any thought that arises in your mind ocean does not cause the least disturbance to you, the ocean. So never try to wrestle or fight against the thoughts. Simply allow them to be. Allow them to be.

This is a very great, but secret position. You should never complaint that the mind is thinking. Let it think. By the thoughts of the mind, what do you get is the only problem? Allow it purely as a waviness in your mind ocean. And simply remain, simply remain, in order to induce and strengthen this feeling that you are the mind ocean and the thoughts, feeling, and emotions are but waves, by none of which the mind ocean is affected, on the other hand the mind ocean shows its strength, power and grandeur. This thought you must have.

Now, in order to have this attitude, whatever basic thought that you want to take, you take. As I told you yesterday, it can be asango’ham. It can be ananto’ham. I am infinite, I am not affected. I am niscalo’ham. I am immovable, immovable. So many waves and breakers come, but the ocean does not change its axis.

Simply allow your thoughts; allow your thoughts to be.  Allow them. Let me see what happens. Don’t be afraid of them. Let any thought come.  Let any wave arise. Let any breaker wave arise. I am not asking you to achieve anything, gain anything, look at anything, proceed towards anything. No. No, No, No. I only tell you the truth of your mind.

Your mind is the vast sea. Only on the surface of it, the waves of thoughts, feelings and emotions arise. The vast mind ocean is very very deep. May be one or two meters of depth on the surface are affected or involved in the wave process. But there is much, much, much, much greater depth below. In that depth, no wave affects. Let it be any thought – murderous thought, respectful thoughts, frightening thoughts, jealous thoughts, intolerant thoughts. These are the ones that trouble you; that is why I mention about them. But treat them all as waves and as substance it contains the water of sea. In a strong wave, there is no poisonous water. Similarly in a bad thought, there is no poisonous mind. But there is a delusion that the bad thought is killing. No, it does not. It will not. Let the mind think anything it likes. You keep quiet. You say that “I am mind vast sea, mind vast sea”. You are not to control your thoughts. You are only to decide the attitude towards it. If you feel it is a sinful thought and you have become a sinner, you are. You become a sinner. `This is a sinful thought; I don’t know why it has come, let it come and make air do something. I am not going to do anything.’ The sinful thought vaporizes into the air. It does not make you, make you a sinner. Simply remain, remain, remain:
Niscalo’ham, Ananto’ham, Niscalo’ham, Ananto’ham.  Maanasasamudro’ ham.
Harih Om Tat Sat.
Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
[This is a transcript of Poojya Swamiji’s Prabhatarashmih message delivered to the disciples & seekers at the Ashram]


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