Fruition of Spiritual Pursuit

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Spirituality or spiritual pursuit always deals with your own personality. You are to set right the disharmonies and constrictions of your mind and intelligence. When these constrictions are removed, automatically the mind will become very facile and effective. Of course, during saadhana, a number of good and benevolent qualities should also be cultivated. Because many people may not know about them, our scriptures have extolled these great good qualities. By incorporating these virtues your mind becomes more enriched and expansive.

By spiritual practice, you must be able to absorb and assimilate any input from the world, and at the same time, generate timely response to deal with whatever difficult situations and impacts you face. In other words, when you interact with persons, places and events, you must not get intimidated or affected by them, on the one hand; and on the other, you must have the necessary resolve, impetus, inspiration and determination to go ahead with your interactions, in spite of the challenges and persecutions involved. If these two aspects are ensured and accomplished, I don’t think you require anything else in your life.

Spirituality facilitates this two-fold accomplishment. How does it do that?

First of all, understand that your personality is biological only in the bodily level. The moment you enter and touch the mind, intelligence and ego level, your personality is beyond matter and energy.

The mind, intelligence and ego revolve around what we generally call the ‘Self’ or the ‘Soul’. I would like to put it this way: The body is at the gross level. Inside the gross body, employing the body is the mind. Still inward and superior is the intelligence. Still more so is the ego. Go beyond the ego and reach the Soul.

At the Soul level you will find that you have got a ‘zero’ nature. There, no action or vibration ever takes place. No effect or affectation ever befalls there! It is a level into which none of the bodily, intelligential or egoistic effects reach. In the same manner, no action takes place in that level. We call it as ‘akartritva’ and ‘abhoktritva’ – a state of non-doership and non-enjoyership.

Understand that such a level is there within you. It is already there. You do not have to acquire it. That is why, in spite of the gravest misfortunes and the greatest calamities and impacts, victims are able to go to sleep. When you recover from all the troubles and anxieties, it is your mind that recovers. And it does so only because of the Soul.

At the same time, the Soul is infinitely potent. All egoistic, intelligential, mental and physical activities are possible only in Its presence. Understand that this Soul has a zero factor, and at the same time it is Infinite too! Whenever you want, you must be able to resort to its zeroaspect or tap its infinite dimension. So, never become panicky. Do not be deluded thinking that to rescue you, some help should come from outside.

Another phase of your saadhana is about your reliance on the Supreme. Religion advocates that God is always supreme, and you should rely upon Him.

But understand that the reliance belongs to you, to your mind. Once you have that reliance, you need not even look to God. Then what should you do? Look to your own mind and make its reliance stronger. It is not God that matters here, but your own mind’s quality of reliance. Make the mind see God in every thing. Let every object, every incident, every development and every accident become Godly.

Your saadhana now becomes three-fold. Seeing God in everything, relying upon God for everything, and recognizing the existence of the Soul, which has the zero-factor as well as the infinite potential. If you club these three, then there is nothing more that you require. This is the summum bonum of the entire spiritual pursuit. This is the climax of all devotional, religious, philosophical or yogic pursuits. This will answer all your needs and will provide you all the impetus and enthusiasm to lead a glorious life.  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
[This is a Prabhata-rashmih message from Poojya Swamiji, which was published in the Dec 2010 issue of the monthly Journal Vicharasethu.] (c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012


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