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The real fervour, the real application or its beginning, starts from the mind. In the source  level – the mind – if it itself is not being inspired, then there will be hesitation, suspicion, and obstacles in the mind level, thoughts generated in the psychological conscious structure of human personality. Unless you are able to remove from the mind all these repressing negative traits, the mind will not rise up with enthusiasm to the full measure.

So we want an inspiring and inspired mind, flexible, hopeful, confident, a mind that can never be defeated, that which accepts no defeat whatsoever. Hanuman had such a mind. The inspiration is generated in and by the mind; not in or by the body. Similarly, diffidence also is generated in and by the mind – not the body. Success or failure comes after the task is performed. But a question like “will I succeed or not?” brings failure even before the effort starts to perform the task. The reverse of it is also true in regard to success. This is an important point which people often ignore, miss or forget.

What does constantly assail a cricket player? “Will I be able to meet the bowling?” This very thought will never allow you to play your best. Whether you will be able to score or not, the end will show. Go there with a ready mind. May be you come back with a zero score. But before that you have already made a zero in your mind, remaining in the pavilion, This is the point. Very few heroes rush first themselves into the scene and then start playing. This is what Hanuman did. Hanuman clearly opens up before you a large enormous measure of possibility everywhere.

After all every one has only a body, maximum it is six feet, may be another two inches tall or more. The weight will be sixty or seventy kilograms. With this body every one accomplishes whatever he has to accomplish in life. So bodily there is no difference whatsoever – two eyes, two ears, one nose, ten fingers, two hands and ten toes. What more is there in any one. At the most it is taller or shorter.

Now, the entire difference lies in the mind structure of man, in the intelligence. Intelligence must be able to reason out, evolve greater and greater, more and more useful insights, possibilities, outlooks, viewpoints, evolutions and assessments. The intelligence must be able to progressively culture more and more useful and inspiring standards.
– Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha [ an extract from Poojya Swamiji’s book “Yoga of Meditation”]


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