Consideration For Others

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Consideration deals with the knowing principle. The opposite of consideration deals with the thinking principle. “I know what he means, and I know it is the best thing for me, but I don’t think that it is right for me to do right now.” That is how the thinking principle conflicts with the knowing principle within us. What does that create? It creates the individual, egotistical personality.
Consideration is a great principle to understand, and even a greater principle to unfold within yourself. If you can’t be considerate of someone else’s feelings, your soul is as if locked up in a little cage; and it can’t get out, although it may be crying to express itself and hitting against that wall of the thinking mind which knows nothing at all about the qualities of the soul.
Knowing is the manifestation of your spiritual will. Consideration is also a manifestation of your spiritual will. When your spiritual will is awake, you have consideration for other people’s feelings. When your spiritual will is awake, you give in on little things, and you have the power to hold firm on big issues, like keeping the twenty restraints and observances of the ancient Sanatana Dharma. You have an inner culture awakened within you.
Have you ever asked somebody to do some little thing, and he says “no”? He refuses to do it because he didn’t think of it first, because he considers within himself that if he did do it, he would be falling under your domination? Why does he feel that way? It is because he has very little control over himself and is caught up in the thinking mind. But if you ask another type of individual to do something, it is done almost the minute you ask, he is so in tune with you. He has consideration for your feelings. He has consideration to the point where he doesn’t want to upset the vibration around himself or around you by creating a situation.
By using the power of the thinking principle alone, we create situations for ourselves to face at another time, because each situation is of the subconscious mind and will manifest itself in life at a later date. Consideration is born of knowing, and knowing is a manifestation of your spiritual will, and your will shines forth when your soul begins to unfold itself. So, in order to be considerate, you have to exercise this knowing principle until it becomes manifest in your life every minute of every day. This is how to cultivate consideration.
How do we exercise our power to know? We have to look at people and ask ourself, “What do I know about my friends? What do I know about the depth of them? How deep are they?” We ponder, “What do I know about what I am reading–not just what I think about what I read? What do I really know about anything that I pick up and hold in my hand?” The knowing principle is very, very great. We study our mind: “If my intuition is working, do I know it is my intuition? If my subconscious mind is influencing my actions, do I know that I am attached to that state of mind?” What do you know? What do you not know? That is very important to know.
Going against what we know is a great pitfall. It is born from lack of consideration, lack of the ability to live in harmony with others, to fit into situations. Lacking consideration, we fail to fulfill the basic law of spiritual unfoldment: “Never miss an opportunity to serve.” When we deliberately go against what we know, we create a burden that we don’t want in our life, and we suffer under it. Then we ask, “Why do I feel so uninspired? I was doing so fine. I was so spiritual. I was feeling just wonderful. I felt all the life forces flowing through me, and all of a sudden it all stopped. Why did this have to happen to me? I thought I was doing fine. I was feeling so good.” That’s what I call a negative slump. – sathguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswamy, from: Living with siva


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