Heaven and Hell

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A peaceful mind is the real  heaven. The joy which such a mind constantly gives to its owner is the heavenly delight. That man, who can live and do actions for the sake of God, without giving too much importance to the results, even if they are at times adverse, can surely enjoy the heavenly breeze within him. He is the cleverest man in this world. He will be able to work harder and more effectively than any one else, because his mind is devoid of agitations, but at no time will he claim doership for himself. The fool will claim `the doership’ and identify it on the physical body, thereby get disappointed when others do not give him any recognition for his actions. This will become a constant apprehension and a source of agitation.

`I have done many things for the others. They should at least give me some regard and apprehension for what I have done’. If we think in these lines, every action of ours will only lead to hell. The mind will start acting at every point. Many of our expectations will turn futile. Disappointment will follow. Such a state, wherein the mind is tortured by expectations, disappointments and failures, is verily the hell. If the torture is allowed to grow, burning sensation, uncontrollable anger and many other symptoms will sprout within us.

Why should the thought of the results, which our actions are destined to bring about worry us so much? God is there within you to fulfill your heart’s needs. He is there to reward you amply for whatever you do in the best manner. Can you enjoy by your giving, if you go on expecting any return for what you give? Do not expect anything back from any one. Receive whatever you get, and let your happiness be in such giving and receiving. Is this not a better path? – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha [This article by Poojya Swamiji appeared in the Sep 1981 issue of Vicharasetu]


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